The Cark Thread


Great day at the Knockraha community fair… I didn’t guess the correct weight of the calf, but had a pleasant mug of coffee and cream cake for two euro. Some savage cheating going on in the three-Legged race…


Jesus, we’ll be hearing about that cream cake for the next few days so, just put your fingers back your throat now and save us.

I once went out with a lovely girl from Knockraha for a couple of weeks.


I’m gonna have two more now with a coffee.


Former hurling great Niall McCarthy has won a national boxing title over the weekend. :clap:


Bare knuckle?


You are a cork or a clare man


He’s neither joe. He’s not a man at all. He’s a pussy.


Oh his a limerick man the poor fuck cc @caulifloweredneanderthal @ChocolateMice


The report names Cork as the most culturally vibrant city ahead of Paris, Florence, Lisbon and Copenhagen and is fourth in the top five Cultural and Creative Cities within its population group (small to medium).

No surprise here to @caoimhaoin @backinatracksuit @braz83 @Locke @Turenne @fenwaypark @mickee321 ChocolateMice and myself or any of the cork posters I may have forgotten

Good to let the rest of em know all the same. Like


You’ve managed to list only two actual Cork people there mate, and ignored the majority of real Cork people on this forum.


Apologies pal. Who did I miss apart from yourself


@Beautiful_City for a start


@fenwaypark @mickee321


Im sure he is captured on the list somewhere


The only culture ye ever had, ye shot it in the back. Or words to that effect


Nothing worse than the green eyed monster


As you say, nothing new to us.
As an extension of that Ballincollig and Midleton in particular have become vastions of multiculturism, but both still lagging behind oarts of West Cork which have had a different beat for a very long time

Walking around Ballincollig is surreal sometimes when you consider what an absolute dive it once was. EMC & VMware have changed it so much. Perfect communter town now.

Anyone with a few bob or looking at investing long term ahould look at Cork in er city. Never sure of anything but over next 10-15 years i expect property value to rise comsistantly. It will in Ballincollig too but the margins won’t be the same. There are little terraced house in cork going for less than 90k, i know of a few occassional ones where you can buy 2 together for a discount. For 250k you could end up with an inner city 3/4 bedroom house, 150 years old, sometimes serious views and a walk everywhere. My brother rang me a few years ago about something similar near Barrack street for about 33k each. I told him buy immediately, the cunt has his communion money still and could probably oay cash. Anyway he bottled it and didn’t. Huge regret since as said houses were bought by someone that did exactly as i suggest above. And rebt now for 1400 a month approx.

Barrack st. is slowly improving and the capitol being done up, no matter how gawky it is, has given the place a new feel.

Love going into town always, but its definitely better now.

And the fucking women. Jesus, its off the charts.


I’d say I mentioned similar on here about 12 months ago. Douglas st and all those parallel streets back from it off barracks st are going to be gentrified hugely in due course. Walking distance down to Albert Quay direction where all the office development is going on. Lot of jobs in there will be relatively lower paid so ability to walk to work and not carry cost of a car will be major plus.

The crowds around town at lunchtime and after work yesterday was unreal.

Ballincollig is a grand spot alright now. White Horse is a super spot for food and they work hard at getting crowd in. Still an opening for few more food spots but it’s improving.


You have low standards. Unless you are in the vicinity of ucc the women are horrendous.


I was impressed by the improvement of the city centre when I was back last year. Merchants Quay in particular.