The Cark Thread


The place is crawling with foreigners


When was the last time you were in Cork?


My last 3 girlfriends were all models at some time of their life. Get iff the stage.


A girl with one leg was a model?


You’ve been dating manakins?

You have serious issues.


As a progressive guy I saw all this coming down the road and upped sticks to Cork just over a year ago.

At first I didn’t really appreciate the City centre- but i’ve been heading in a lot lately and loving it - you really get a great bit of variety all neatly confined into the perfect size centre. Once Douglas St and Barrack st get a lick of paint it will be a true gem. Only slight for me really is the lack of historic architecture in the main thoroughfares but it’s a small complaint.

Food is great - and not just the city, but all around the county.

without bias, I will say I think the women in Limerick are the best in Ireland - For such a small place the concentration of top, top birds in unreal… There’s an awful lot of blonde in Cork - you get a darker type lady in Limerick.

I don’t know where this sporting Limerick came from - We do of course love our sport, but Cork puts us to shame… In Limerick city your’re staunch soccer or rugby with about a 20% cross over, very little GAA… Lads on the Southside that I mix with have nearly played all and you constantly see kids out with hurleys, then soccer then throwing a rubby ball around… While they have the population to thrive at different sports, I think they are far more rounded - the northside may not have the rubby but the cross over between GAA, soccer and boxing/combat is also huge… I’m not sure anywhere else has such a crossover in sports to the level Cork does.

I think Cork is also losing it’s second city inferiority complex as a result of all that’s been mentioned above - from listening to various conversations it seemed to be a terribly inward looking place vexed at Dublin/or lack of recognition previously - and while the cunts still think Cork is the centre of the universe I don’t think younger people really care and it really has become a multi-cultural place… One thing that has struck me is the amount of black kids readily mixing with Paddy potato - I’m not sure how the rest of the country stacks up, but there is certainly a bit of ghetto-ization about Limerick with the younger black lads hanging in gangs together - but I could be off here as my last few years in Limerick were fairly sheltered… again, i’m not sure how that stacks up on the Northside of Cork either.

In short, a good place getting better.


Who do you think models prosthetic legs, some thing just in off the street?


Yes well while not completely voud of dumb cunts, Cork has been long known for its general welcoming and progressive nature. Gay and Lesbian people have been coming to cork for decades as it was considered a “safe” city.

And you are right, integration seems on the face of it to be going well. Whats also notable is that in particular the African kids seem to be choosing GAA. For whatever reason i do not know. Well i kinda have a hunvh in one particular area. Arounnd the 4 schools that provide players to The Barrs is a huge new foreign community that ranges from African to middle eastern to eastern european to Catholic Country Europe (spain, portugal and Italy mostly). The Barrs out good lads in the schools, really looked after them. Made GAA fun and played games and had a physical literacy approach. They got huge buy-in from the parents. Thus the numbers in The Barrs are way up, as is renention.

Soccer doesn’t have the gumption for that. Although elite athletes can still be robbed at 12/13/14 and soccer will always be attractive because of professionalism.

Cork City FC is a beautiful microcosm of all that culturally at least. A great family club with a growing foreign national support and presence at games.


@ChocolateMice is working out where his from @caulifloweredneanderthal


Serious self-aggrandising nonsense here from the Cork queerhawks.


Cork is well known for being clannish and parochial


Yep. Backwards and insular


They don’t like outsiders


They like to stick to their own if you catch my drift.


All the usual insecure lads flocking to this thread to knock Cork -


They stay in their own group on All star tours. They don’t mix at all


Denis Irwin was one of the most hated men in football.that says a lot


A guy who masterbates in public is the go to guy anytime something happens in Cork. It says it all.




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