The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Four. Flatty needs more help 🐐

Who: Guy Garvey
Famous For : Elbow leader singer
Where: Dublin Airport
When : Yesterday

Guy was just off a flight and was wandering around aimlessly in the arrivals talking on the phone. He’s a huge man. My details are sketchy as I didn’t know my arse from my elbow pardon the pun after a very heavy weekend.



Who: Ivan Yates
Famous for: Ex govt minister, radio shock jock and not paying his bills. @Mac’s bessier.
When: Today 12:50
Where: Crossing Tara St outside the Irish Times offices heading in an eastward direction
Wearing: Navy blazer, striped shirt, jeans and brown shoes

Ivan spotted me spotting him from across the street and got in with a pre-emptive ‘Hello’ and kept moving before I could open my gob. He is a tall man and very rigid but the ned Kelly wasn’t as big as I expected. No doubt he’s had to adjust his diet to address his well documented back issues


Lovely little pun thrown in there.

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He can be seen jogging in the hills about Gorey with his bezzer @Mac

Not a spot.


Who: Ex United legend, bad bro and flatty’s partymate Ryan Giggs.
Where: The Sands Hotel portmarnock
When: Last night during the Spain game
What: i arrived for a few pints with the brothers in law. As i walked in i saw Ryan Giggs standing by himself at the end of the bar deep in conversation. I locked eyes with him and we both acknowledged that he was Ryan Giggs and decided not to bother one another. Salford are staying there for preseason. There had been various whatsapp messages over the last day or two about locking up wives etc cos giggsy was in town but I’d presumed they’d be in the country club because the sands, whatever they say at the masters, is no longer where the gang goes. At no stage did he drop the hand on me or either of my mates’ wives who were there.




Probably on the phone advising Mason Greenwood about his transfer to Marseille


He was on the phone. Sorry. Meant to write that

It was obvious to anybody who is not a simpleton what you meant.

To be fair, it wouldn’t be unusual to walk into most rural pubs and find at least one fella in deep conversation with himself at the bar.


Wonder have they any pre-season games while they are over.


My younger lad has just told me his best mate is off to have lunch with Steve Buscemi (and others) today.

Any lads around town for the match later this afternoon should keep their eyes peeled for a spot.

He had his dinner in Mamo in Howth recently.

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Did he tip this time?


Better that than con air buscemi

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He’s here on a Tim Burton film.

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Who: Nasti_2k
Where: Crossing Butt Bridge and turning left onto Eden Quay
When: Today 1:50pm
Wearing: White baggy T-shirt, purple shorts, white tube socks and white runners. Various piercings
Famous for: Tik tok and Instagram junk food influencer
Other notes: Nasti is small - about 5’ 8 I’d say but strutting around the place as if he owneded it. He has the diet and taste buds of a yak.