The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Four. Flatty needs more help 🐐

They cycled as far down as Bray according to Instagram

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I saw her on way back so.

Looks like the 3 Carkies are all staying together in some nice looking gaff in Blackrock

Rob the racist has just verified this spot on live TV.

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Who… Dennis O’Brien

Famous for…Owner and founder of Digicel, Moriarity Tribunal…At one point Irelands richest man …Titan of Industry. …Benefactor of FAI and UCD amongst others

Where …UCD Belfield close to the " O’Brien Centre for Science"

When… Today at 3.25. I was on my way to a 3.30 meeting on campus when i encountered a group of about 8 people led by the aforementioned Dennis.

He was wearing a light blue suit and his audience were hanging on his every word as befits a man of his importance and stature

FOGRA Dennis is a big uce as the Somoans say and much larger in reality than i expected

FOGRA Eile…last time I saw him was in Poznan Poland when Ireland were sent home by the Italians from the Euros

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Who: RTE & Spin SW personality Valerie Wheeler
Where: Portlaoise Plaza
When: 1.40pm

@Batigol favourite Valerie was no doubt on her way to Tullamore to report on her native Cork’s match with the Biffos. Valerie was dressed down, makeup free, wearing a black hoodie and whitish grey trackie pants.

Not a spot.


Ban that cunt pls

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You’ve gotta say that it’s all gone to shit when a no mark dullard like O’Brien is a spot and the whirlwind shooting star that is Valerie Wheeler in a service station isn’t :man_shrugging:

Is that a Cark phrase?


Couldn’t find the ‘GAA celeb spotting’ thread.

Balbec clamped himself