The Celtic Curse - TFK Haemochromotosis Sufferers and Carriers Thread


I been tryin real hard boss


Pull the lead out


Eat less red meat, reduced my intake of cereals.

This is my “up” week so I’m not too disheartened. Next week will tell a lot



Reduced your Vitamin C intake?

You drinking tea after meals?


Drink fuck all Guinness these days.

I drink a gallon of tea a day


Good stuff, avoid those berrocca & vitamin C tablets, orange juice etc.


Don’t sweat it @fran. You are going to get these anomalies every so often. In the end all the excess will be off your organs and the levels will fly down.


I would not touch it with yours, mate


You feeling any better anyway mate?


I never really had any symptoms apart from the odd dose of gout, which is a cunt of a thing.

It was picked up when I went to the doctor about something else


Didn’t even know that was a symptom.


So @Fagan_ODowd informed me way back in this thread


I’ve discovered that it’s not really gout. You get the same symptoms but it’s the beginning of the iron loading your joints that starts at the extremities and works its way back up your body.


734 :ronnyroar:


That was very informative by the way @Fagan_ODowd. I remember going to the doctor years ago with it and the stupid cunt gave me some bullshit speil about fallen arches and told me to go off and fork out a load of money on orthotic insoles which I never bothered my hole doing


The floodgates are open Fran. It’s game over for the ferritin


'Hon the fuck @Fran - we’re all behind you here :ronnyroar:


I’m quite apathetic if I must admit.


You weren’t included in the ‘we’


Try be more specific in future. For Fran.