The Celtic Curse - TFK Haemochromotosis Sufferers and Carriers Thread


@Fran, finish this thing off like Jon Walters would. Don’t go getting totes emotes and doing an Ian Madigan on it.


Fran knows


Thanks for the support guys, it means so much to me.

@Bandage, I’d liken it to DJ Carey bearing down on goal, there’s only gonna be one result


The guys here were all a great support to me when I was making the final push and I just know they’ll be there for you.


We are going down, we are going down!!!


614, I have this cunt by the balls now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it jacked it in altogether this side of Christmas


:ronnyroar: :ronnyroar:

I told you two months ago we’d have this cunt down below 500 for Christmas.


In my own case I had the full set of blood tests done there recently.
The results.

Liver - normal. The cunt was within an ace of packing it in for good this time two years ago. The liver is a wonderful organ. :clap:
Kidneys - normal
Pancreas - normal
Cholesterol - 4.4. Apparently I won’t be dying of a heart attack or a stroke any time soon.

Clean living :clap: it’s a cunt, but it has benefits.


Great news, pal.




Ah fuck it that’s brilliant. I’ve been waiting by the phone all morning for that news.

You have this cunt beaten. You’ll be down to double figures by the end of March and you’ll live a long and healthy life thereafter.

Well done and Happy Christmas to all the Frans.



That’s made my Christmas






You’re sucking diesel now, @Fran :clap:


Cheers Fagan, many happy returns. The new target is sub 100 before Paddy’s day




Any downside to getting this under control?

For example are you more attractive to biting insects during the summer months?


Less attractive, if anything, Motive. The one thing I notice now is that I feel the cold. I used to never feel the cold at all. I was one of those embarrassing cunts you’d see in a snowstorm in a tshirt and not a bother on me. That might have been the drink either though. I’m fucking freezing now.


510 :eek: