The Celtic Curse - TFK Haemochromotosis Sufferers and Carriers Thread


Only seeing this now Fagan, you have it well under control


Wouldn’t worry about it. General trend is still downwards. A blip.

I’m actually at 68 now myself.


How often are you going now?


Every 3 months now.

ThIs is how mine went in two fourteen.


I’m going to do something similar and compare.

All of my readings should’ve captured on this thread :smile:


All of mine are captured here too. That’s how I did the chart. We should donate this thread to medical science.


In with the specialist there. I’ve beaten this cunt of a thing. Only need to see him twice a year and two to three blood lettings a year now will see me right. Two and a half years of torture over.



Fair fucks.


H’on Fagan



What a guy. :clap:


Well done Fagan, you’re an inspiration to those just starting this journey or those who are knee deep in it


I know that, pal.


598 :unamused:

That was a reading from the first visit of the new year so I’m blaming the Christmas exertions


Buck up a bit there now Fran.


338 :blush:


If ye lads let this condition go, would you turn into this fella?




Nice post :thumbsup:


260 :syringe:


Game over.

Fran 1.
Haemochromatosis 0.