The Celtic Phoenix - A thread to list the economic miracles of Michael Noonan & Fine Gael

La la land stuff and you keep trotting it out.

Look to your own discrimination and hatred first. It will set you free.


You continue to do this. It’s blame elsewhere continually.

People have to make there own way & be responsible. If someone falls on hard times then the state should step in.

Stepping in indefinitely should not be the norm.

People turning down accommodation because of “ Support networks “ is not on.

If kids need a roof over their heads they don’t care where on this island it is.

You’re ideology whilst all White Knight in how in feels in your head, is beyond laughable.

I haven’t said half of that you geebag.

Ive merely pointed out there’s genuine cases in need whereas you have a history of putting down everyone needing welfare/ housing.

Sending a single mother 300 miles away makes complete sense alright :roll_eyes:

Fanciful waffle again….

An awful lot of people don’t drive, I’d say that’s a major reason.

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There’s tonnes of things come into play but you’d require a certain level of intelligence to recognise that.

Agreed, lots of layers to it but that’s the one that crops up most often with the kids in school. Just need to be near decent public transport and usually family support.

To hell or to Connacht

Effectively for some people. Lot of houses knocked and not replaced.

Don’t be letting Carkies out.

Im gonna apologise to glas here. I know of one disabled Cork lad who was offered a cushy gaff in Brussels and refused completely to go.


He was working from home before it was ever cool.

Aside from the fairly absurd jump to the absolute extreme there, you wouldn’t get offered a house outside your local authority area.


Do you think a married couple on benefits with 2 kids and 2 SUVs should be allowed turn down a house in Douglas waiting for Rochestown?

There’s no one in Douglas on benefits.

Ah that’s outstanding

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A bit of selection bias.
The responders are likely:

a) Simpletons who answer the phone to pollsters
b) Shrewdies who exaggerate the impact of the cost of living crisis to prompt more generous government handouts to Joe Public

Ireland has the highest per capita debt burden in the world.

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