The Celtic Phoenix - A thread to list the economic miracles of Michael Noonan & Fine Gael


You keep barking that because you don’t have anything to add on the issue.

I can pipe back and say the OECD say very little of Apple’s tax is due in Europe, that Ireland disagree, that the US disagrees and Apple themselves - but I’ve an actual argument of my own here and not just your tedious Ireland bashing.


Nonsense and gibberish.


Sweet Lord you are touchy on this. I have not debated the legality. Twisting the spirit of things suits a small tax haven like we are.
That is all.




Tim really throwing the kitchen sink at this tax thing, which ironic given that blueshirt hero Dinny claimed he didn’t have one so as not pay tax on his digifone profit.


What are we gonna spend this 13B on then?


Civil service wages


Defined benefit pensions.


Opposing planning applications from apple


Erm I don’t like DOB. I argued and argued that he should have been the COTY in 2015 after my original choice Paddy Cosgrave was kicked out. Our team won despite the powers that be in here whipping the Priests up to gerrymander the vote.

Sidney even thought I was one of his own after that.

There is a hellova a lot I dislike about Irish tax policy and FG policy of late. I find the charity thing that vultures indulged in to be wrong and it should never have happened. The double Irish was wrong and was the real morally dubious thing about Ireland and multinational, I’m glad it’s closed. I don’t like in principle the idea of low inheiritance tax and FG have been looking to feather their voting nest with that.

I simply believe this case by the EU is an infringement on our sovereignty and is apart of a global play to try and get tax revenues that are not Europe’s.



The spirit of the thing is what I’m arguing.

You’re a businessman and obviously pay corporation tax.

Do you think you should pay corporation tax in two juristictions on the same profits? When you do something in business, where did that originate from? What country facilitated the actual value you created? That’s what the substance of any CT should be.


I believe I should pay tax in Ireland on profit on actual transactions in Ireland, tax in Uzbekistan on actual transactions there etc etc.
I don’t believe I should be allowed by a country prepared to race further to bottom than competitors to book profits through it to avoid this.
It is wealth siphoning.
That is all.


How does that work for an Irish or British company which sells to numerous different countries where they design, build and do 90% of what it takes to sell a good?

It is impossible. Transfer pricing exists for a reason.


It isn’t at all impossible. It’s actually easier than transfer pricing.
In any case, presumably your view is consistent with multinational companies paying tax in their obvious home country, rather than in a boilerplate constituency which they pick based predominantly upon the facilitated tax rate.


You’re still not answering the question.

You can’t pay CT where you’re not incorporated. What you’re saying is impossible without registering companies in that juristriction.

When an Irish registered company in the agri sector sells into Europe the profit is solely taxed in Ireland. This makes absolute logical sense.

There is no theft from small countries. That is a country which is producing and exporting. It’s competition, plain and simple.

The double Irish was absolutely wrong no question. But substantially the tax is owed in the US and will be paid there. The EU are trying to usurp the international position of the OECD here.


Fair play to him for sticking to his guns


I heard a bit of the back and fourth on the radio last night. He eviscerated them :clap:


He had the comfort of knowing he’s retiring anyway I suppose, but he didn’t spare the timber


Economic growth of over 7% last year, 5% with multis stripped out. Double the euro zone.

Largest number of start ups ever.

Major CapEx programme coming.

Thank you Michael.


What’s the real %