The Celtic Phoenix - A thread to list the economic miracles of Michael Noonan & Fine Gael


USC is here to stay because equitable taxes like water charges and property tax increases which would proportionately affect the Wealthy more are political poison.
The problem now is we are ten years behind in infrastructure spending because when things were bad and they should have been pumping money into it to prop up the economy they pulled the plug. Now they are afraid to spend it in case it over heats the economy. :expressionless:


Yes, but on the flip side he has a lisp


We’ll hardly make 2020 mate. Agreement runs out at the budget this year. That’s why the think tanks were warning against over spending.
You’ll have the usual suspects moaning about all the things they should be spending money on, a hospital in every town etc, but it’s prudent enough out of them tbf


I think most people would think there’ll be an election before the budget in 2019.


If FG thought as much they’d be buying votes now. Obviously they’re confident to hold out to 2020.


They don’t want to spend because it will go into the hands of social welfare recipients and public sector workers.


Are they being overly cautious with the housing/rents/health crisis? People need investment/relief now… Or have they got the figure right?


There’s always a crisis.


Due to ineptness and not spending.




Typical SF view of finances. Whats being done is wrong. But dont ask me what should be done


And the TDs continue to give them self raises.


Great input, pal. Did you come up with that all by yourself?


You made it v easy


I didn’t do anything but ask a question.


Thats not a question


Is that where you magically jumped in? Scroll back…Dim the establishment lackey accepts crisis’ as a fact of life… I merely suggested why it happens. I don’t speak on behalf of SF by the by.


Who defended that?


Spending money is fine and all.

But the likes of yourself will be the first to line up defending trade unions refusing to change even the tiniest work practice unless they get a pay rise.


The good times will end again in March 2019