The Citizens of Cavan and Fermanagh Thread, including Quinns

Use this thread i suppose to talk about them good and bad if you wish its up to yourself i couldnt give a shit either way…

I despise how these people use the border to their own gain, be it for smuggling, hiding, social welfare fraud, tax evasion etc etc.

What have they contributed to Irish society that would be missed were they wiped from existence tonight?
Politicly? Culture? Anything?

If anyone one is reading the papers you will see they want their self proclaimed ‘Chieftain’ forgiven for his gambling debts and the taxpayers from south of their beloved border to pick up the fucking tab for him.

Its fucking comical.

Are there any posters here from Cavan or Monaghan or any guests like to register and explain what i am missing here?

I take it you wont be contributing to the Quinn family collection fund? :slight_smile:

That’s Ireland for you HBV.

We love gombeenism. In my own County the apes continue to vote for Mattie McGrath & Michael Lowry election after election.

would ye mind keeping this area for abuse or praise of the people of cavan or fermanagh?

Could we really send this poor defenceless man to jail?

Why do the people Of Cavan Fermanagh love the 3 institutions which have abused them financially, sexually and morally - the quinn family, the gga and the catholic church?

I think he will do jail time yet

I can understand people feeling sorry for any business person that goes bust but the loyalty towards Quinn is at a whole new level. Bit like Rocko supporting Trap but probably worse

no doubt he will and probably starting this weekend. they know this which probably explains upping the ante the last few weeks with the call to arms.

heard the owner of the spar or maybe centra in Ballyconnell interviewed today, more or less saying if Senior is locked up we all need to be prepared for the consequences.
fucking nutcases. i think they are planning a terrorist attack on Dublin.

would love if someone with a high profile organised a march for people who are disgusted with sean quinn´s behaviour…would be interesting to see the turnout because anyone i talked to is utterly disgusted by the support he´s getting…

people are already paying for the consequence of his legacy at Quinn Insurance

what could be worse than that?

im friendly with people over here from Quinn country, couple of them have the same attitude. they are like holocaust deniers or something. sound lads apart from that

see the rogbee and gga crowd were out in force for this

It would be interesting to see the reception they would get if they did march in Dublin?

A family of gambling hicks who had it all and then threw it all away. Nothing more to see here.

Possibly the biggest shower of cunts in Ireland the Quinn family.

That fucker Sean had the cheek in a documentary to say he was a humble lad who went to his local paying cards for matchsticks! That gobshite rode the state and was the worst kind of gambler going, a fucker willing to gamble other peoples money :mad:

The ironic thing is, if he does do jail time we will be paying for the fuckers upkeep yet again! :shakefist:

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The reserves budget that was in place for Quinn direct alone should mean a life term in the Joy for the lot of them…

why are the GGA rallying around him?

The solidarity shown by the people of Cavan-Fermanagh would bring a tear to your eye. I don’t remember one march by the people of Dublin in defence of Seanie Fitzpatrick or Eamonn Lillis.

True Gaels like Mickey Harte are standing up for Sean Quinn. The only people out to get him are lycra wearing liberal homosexuals like Fintan O’Toole.

His brother is Peter Quinn, is a former president of the Association TASE.

Still no excuse for them to be supporting Quinn. The fucker gambled and lost and then hid his money from the state instead of pay his debts. Hopefully the fucker will be put in jail with his son.

Doubt cast over Quinn Insurance’s profitability

COLM KEENA, Public Affairs Correspondent
QUINN INSURANCE group may never have made a profit, an Oireachtas committee has been told.
The Joint Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure Reform was told by administrator Michael McAteer yesterday that a review of reserves, initiated in July 2010, came to an initial finding just a month later that there had been under-reserving in 2009 to the tune of €400 million.
“The effect of this was to eliminate the profit reserves of the company and question whether the company had been historically profitable,” Mr McAteer said.
The review was conducted by an actuarial firm, EMB, which confirmed its position by November 5th.
On the receipt of EMB’s analysis, actuarial provider Milliman, which worked for Quinn Insurance Ltd, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, which audited the QIL accounts, “revisited their draft 2009 reserves and ultimately moved to levels in line with those arrived at by EMB”.
Mr McAteer, who was appointed to QIL along with Paul McCann on March 30th, 2010, said they had come to the view that, prior to their appointment, there was a reluctance at Quinn Insurance to provide adequate reserves for large cases.
The State has, to date, paid €729 million into a court-administered fund to provide for losses at the company; a further €272 million is expected to be paid next year. After that, payments will drop to about €30 million a year.
At present, the worst case scenario for losses from the insurance group are €1.65 billion.
A levy imposed on all insurance policies bar health policies, in order to repay the State’s investment, will probably have to run for 15 years.
Mr McAteer said the company was examining whether it can recoup some of the money lost by sueing those who provided professional advice to QIL.
An initial stage in the process of deciding whether to take such an action was likely to be completed by late November, and an outcome would be notified to the courts, he told the committee.
Independent TD Richard Boyd-Barrett said the primary responsibility for what had happened rested with the “cowboy capitalism that the Quinn family engaged in, motivated by greed”.
When he said money was “essentially robbed out of the company”, he was asked by committee chairman, Ciaran Lynch, who yesterday replaced former chairman, Alex White, to be more “prudential” with his language.
Mr Boyd-Barrett said it was “pretty criminal by any public standard” to declare profits when making losses and he asked how this was not spotted by the Central Bank at the time.
The head of general insurance supervision with the Central Bank, Domhnall Cullian, told the committee that an annual statement of actuarial opinion was required to be sent to the regulator each year by insurance companies. Each year unconditional reports were sent by Milliman, which was a respected firm.
Asked by Kieran O’Donnell if he was going to pursue €200 million that was gifted out of Quinn Insurance in 2008 to other companies owned by the Quinn family, Mr McAteer said there was no point in chasing money that the party on the other side couldn’t repay.