The Confessions Thread

  • I don’t mind Ray Darcy on the Radio
  • I think Kev is an alright sort
  • I have seen Scissor Sisters in concert- more than twice
  • Kilkenny were always my number 2 team

i eats the beef

outragous… thou shall never support those who pissed on the gunpowder…

you’re dead to me

Pikeman likes fishsticks. He likes to put fishsticks on his mouth.



I’ve never seen any of the Godfather or Matrix films

following on from Mac, I’ve never seen any of the Lord of the Rings, and have no real interest either. tried watch one but fell asleep. I remember fran giving me abuse years ago for not seeing them!

I don’t have any interest in films. Full stop. I don’t watch them on TV or DVD and I don’t go to the cinema to see them and I don’t ever go on dates there either.*

  • I don’t ever go on dates now that I think about it.

Actually, I have never seen any of them either nor have I seen any of those Harry Potter films.

I’m also addicted to Lost at the moment.

Lord of The Rings. Spleh.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I do not own any album from either the Beatles or U2.


[]I spent a few hours in jail in part due to my short term fondness of the band “The Darkness”.
]I have eaten more than 15 weetabix in one sitting on more than one occasion.
[*]I once tried to stop a fight at a house party by grabbing a guy who was about to be lynched by hooking his arms behind his back and carting him out of the building. The moment I hooked his arms behinds his back [rendering him helpless] a number of people began punching him. It looked as though I set him up to be hammered but that was not the case. It was a disasterous backfire. If you are reading dude, it was unintentional.


I love Weetabix mesef,id have seven or eight every Morning in ones with a shot of cold milk and a half tablespoon of sugar,eat em fast before they go soggy.

That’s the key link.

[quote=“cluaindiuic, post: 455199”]
That’s the key link.
[/quote]I normally microwave 6 weetabix for a late snack,plenty of sugar is the key with this one. :smiley:

I have two Weetabix every morning and I am as regular as clockwork.

But it is not nice, and I don’t know how anyone could stomach more than two of them.

I often have a bowl of Corn Flakes with a little dash of sugar before I go to bed. Perfect nightime snack, easily digested.