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Lads saying the nation will stop Saturday night. FFS the dozen or so lads that like this rubbish will watch it plus anybody that wants to go drinking all fucking night will use it as an excuse to do it.

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dungeon this thread and ban the OP

he is an insufferable poster that knows fuck all about anything


Not too much blather out of him since the new opponent was announced. Id say he’s shitting it.

Is that lad any good? I hope to god he knocks him out.

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I know fuck all about gay porn wrestling pal,but hes no mug supposedly and big into his grappling on the ground (ffs) which by all accounts mcgregor never bothered working on. Ufc is entirely fixed anyways so he could be getting a gentle reminder from dana white that mcgregor, being the sports biggest cash cow, has to be let win

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I heard a few lads say alright it is in UFCs interest to see McGregor win.

Whether or not he’s a twat is another matter, but he’s a huge deal in the UFC now. This weekend is very significant. If he loses he will be derailed for a year or two. If he wins he’ll be a superstar.

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Ya, I admire his dedication and i’m blown away by his athleticism. And you are right, he is big business there. Probably only another 3-4 fights in him, people who have come into contact with him believe he is going to jump ship after one more big contract to Hollywood. Has no interest in really being the best ever apparently and doing too much defending of titles or whatever.

However things can always change if White starts dangling a few million in front of him.

Mendes is a serious operator though, long way from a push over, and if McGregor loses I think in the American publics eyes his star will drop significantly. They like a loud mouth who wins, however they like the humble hometown boy as well and will always just follow a winner.

How many actual fans does this ‘sport’ have? Would anyone in Ireland really give a shit about the ‘sport’ if McGregor wasn’t in it?


Do people give a shit Mac? How many lads will be sickened Sunday morning or for the rest of the week if he loses?

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I will be sickened if he wins, mate


Ya, combat sports are very popular in Ireland and UFC was on a par with anywhere else I would say in popularity. Obviously the bandwagoners have bumped it up. But all those Muai Thai clubs, boxing clubs, JJ clubs etc etc all sprung up before McGregor to be fair.

I’ve been following it for over 10 years. I was at a UFC event in Las Vegas in 2004. Over a million people are expected to buy this PPV so it’s pretty big and it has been for a number of years in the US. UFC did over 1.5m buys and that took place 6 years ago.

There is a massive gap there for a group of athletes that compete at the Olympics[and non-Olympic sports] in various combat sports who had no path to professional sports. MMA has given them that path. So you have people from Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu backgrounds who have become MMA fighters.

Entertainment wise it can be very hit and miss. The great fights are spectacular, the bad ones are horrendously boring hugging matches.

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financially who is more important to the UFC?
whoever that is will win the fight, its just WWF for knackers really, that’s all UFC is


Yeah, and that’s why Brock Lesnar never lost to anyone in UFC. No, wait…

do you take it seriously like fellas on about Macho man randy savage and Hulk Hogan?

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Hipster UFC fan uhhhh

A lot of people been talking to you about those guys lately?

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