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Over 2m ppv

Conor is box office


Seriously? Doubt it tbh. Most wouldnt be well off surely?


Taken from someone else’s pocket


Just back from Vegas, greatest weekend ever. We hammered the fuck out of a load of Vladimir cunts. No camera phones allowed. One of the lads killed a guy with a trident.


Apparently there were a few examples of lads taken into rooms and questioned, they’d done nothing wrong and were allowed to go, after the flight had already gone.


I was taken into that room last time I flew to New York and was only let out 20 mins before the flight took off. I have the misfortune of sharing the same name as a prominent Kinahan soldier and got grilled by customs officials.

Some sights in there with various people getting told they ain’t going to America.


Secondary screening has increased under the President Trump regime.


The Kinahans have a Fanta Pants too?


Thinly veiled “we’ve oversold the plane lads, throw a few knackers off and there’s an envelope in it for ye”






Conor fighting 3 cowards at the one time, unreal



Russia are stuck for athletes they’re resorting to cage fighting lads for heros. Much like Ireland I suppose.


Put that in the “Things that are Right” thread


That bear video is class


A 9 yr old kid fighting a terrified chained up young bear, surrounded by adults cheering them on is ‘class’?


Thats Clare for you.


Was the chain on the bear or Kebab?