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Them nostrils look fairly well worn

Schnozz king looking down at the young pretender…


Maybe he is getting a nose job and has excess cartilage in his nose. Cocaines medical use is to break down cartilage in nose reconstruction surgery afterall

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:joy: :joy:

What’s the lowdown on Tattle on this? They were all wondering why it went so quiet on it but it looks like it’s kicking off now.

Do you reckon Conor likes to wear designer clothes? It’s hard to tell.

Almost brown bread on his bike from some cager cc @The_Selfish_Giant

That would be a very unsatisfactory win for the celbrity death pool winners you’d have to think. The Champ killed by a Mondeo.

He hit the tarmac and I hit the bar, close but no cigar.

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the bike is in remarkably good condition after getting hit full speed from the back

Not a mark on himself either, the cynic in me would say it was staged for attention and a further excuse to prolong his non involvement in active competition.

He needs the roids and angel dust out of his system before he returns…

Is he returning as coach on the ultimate fighter?

Does seem a bit weird be had the phone out so quickly and wasn’t even a tiny bit pissed off with yer man in the video

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he qualified that in the post saying judo and martial arts prepared him how to fall.


Very magnanimous from him. Imagine that happened the cunt from Cork with the Go Pro


If only :grin::grin:

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