The Constipation thread

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This is genius.

I was involved in heavy contractual negotiations around 12 midday and could not get to the jacks for a shite for a couple of hours, you know when you really need one and then when you can’t go, the urge goes away, I currently have a bad pain in my stomach, i drinking nutribullets like fuck to try and dislodge the huge shite bursting to get out, I have no doubt the bullet will work

@Mac must be suicidal if this is how he lives his life everyday

Just pay what the shop charges for the hot chicken rolls and stop trying to barter, tossy.

Do not ignore the feeling of needing the toilet. Some people suppress this feeling if they are busy. It may result in a backlog of stools which is difficult to pass later. When you go to the toilet, it should be unhurried, with enough time to ensure that you can empty your bowel.

2 weeks ago you’re telling me I shite too much, now you’re telling me I don’t shite enough. Make your mind up will you!

Unreal, unbelievable

unreal, the backlog has been cleared

Read a few of @Fitzy 's posts first thing in the morning. You will be regular as clockwork.

Tassotti, i would be genuinely worried if i was bulleting like you and still got constipated.

Is all that personal you brought back from Roaster land still in your bowels?

this is advice for the likes of @Mac I was overdoing the bullet proof coffee and backed up good and proper last night, but I found an unreal cure, a table spoon of olive oil and within 20 minutes there was a violent eruption of scutter, cleaned me right out it did

Milk of Magnesia is the job. Either that or a good dose of AMT.

Mate, I have a healthy stool every morning between 8.30 - 9.30, Monday - Friday and maybe a bit later at weekends. Regular as clockwork at this stage. I haven’t needed to take a spoonful of any type of oil to get things working. Your body is probably just adjusting after years of self abuse. Keep up the good work though.

any of you lads suffering like mac, should ate 2 or 3 prunes or figs every day, I have a few to satisfy my sweet tooth but the benefits in the toilet bowl are also amazing, every particle of shite is squeezed out of you on a regular basis, making you lighter on your feet and also mentally alert and very productive

@Tassotti, am currently on the jacks having my normal daily shite. What’s the ideal time to have your daily bowel movements and is once a day enough? I presume with all the fruit and veg you’re eating you must spend half the day on the jacks.


Between 10:30 and 11am is my usual time although I haven’t had a shit since Sunday.

yuo post enough of it