The "Could You Imagine the Uproar if it Was Ulster GAA Involved" Thread

Well done on TV last night mate. You came across well, if a little bit freaky,

What was I on TV for, pal?


I’d just like to confirm that I’m not Michael Conlan.

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Ah don’t be so modest. It was a great piece on asexuality.


Top class nimby ism. You should rename this thread ‘the things that never happened but still upset me’ thread.


Are you denying the holocaust again, mate?

No better way to start a Sunday.

Wicklow investigation

An alleged incident which led to an umpire being knocked over a railing and kicked on the ground will be investigated at tonight’s meeting of Wicklow’s Competitions Control Committee (CCC).

Eyewitness reports suggest Hollywood referee Pat Dunne was attacked when acting as an umpire in a JFC ‘B’ semi-final after an on-field altercation turned into a “free-for-all”.

Dunne did not resume his umpire duty but referee Eddie Leonard issued no cards following the shemozzle as Newtownmountkennedy defeated Hollywood 0-11 to 0-10 in Laragh on Saturday afternoon.

Leonard’s referee’s report will be analysed while video footage of unsavoury events in both senior county finals will also be studied as the long list of disciplinary problems brings more unwelcome publicity for the Garden County.

CCC chairman Mick Hagan issued a stark warning about such episodes, “This cannot be tolerated in the county and we will certainly be taking stern action in all three cases if we find rules have been broken,” he said.

Will there be a counter-thread set up? The Ulster Junior club is always open season on a shemozzle.

Club GAA in Wicklow is a bizarrely passionate place when you consider how shit they are at senior.

Like @maroonandwhite, they only care about local club and don’t give a shit about intercounty teams.

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More anti Ulster bias

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@dancingbaby questioned me on these odds previously. Take that you Carrick hill shit bag.

Cargin have alleged one of their players was bitten in today’s Ulster Championship tie.




Ulster GAA to keep ‘sledging’ findings confidential

ULSTER GAA has confirmed that the findings from their investigation into allegations of sledging against a Donegal minor back in May will remain confidential.

The allegations surfaced after Donegal’s victory over Tyrone, with claims that Michael Carroll had received verbal abuse about the death of his father – something vehemently denied by Tyrone GAA.

After meeting on a number of occasions the provincial body confirmed that they would not be releasing the details nor commenting on the situation any further,

They also hit out at a media report that appeared online last night that suggested that the findings would exonerate the Tyrone players allegedly involved.

“Following a request from the Tyrone County Committee, Ulster GAA through its CCC established an Investigation Committee in May 2015 which met on seven occasions over a four month period to review evidence and witness statements alongside conducting a range of interviews with the relevant parties,” a statement read.

“At a meeting on Wednesday 23rd September the Committee reviewed its findings with both Tyrone and Donegal and the concluding report was agreed by all parties. The Committee agreed with both County Committees that the findings will remain confidential. We would also highlight that recent media reports regarding the investigation do not accurately reflect the findings of the Committee.

“All parties were satisfied that this matter was resolved and there will be no further comment from Ulster GAA.”


Hard to argue with the Donegal County Board here, the actions of the teamtalk website were despicable considering the trauma already inflicted upon the players at the heart of this. A horrible rag of a site.

Donegal chairman Sean Dunnion has welcomed yesterday’s statement from the Ulster Council which clarified some online comments relating to an investigation into alleged sledging in last May’s Ulster MFC clash between Donegal and Tyrone.

Donegal minor manager Declan Bonner claimed his captain Michael Carroll was taunted over the death of his father Francie during the preliminary round tie in Ballybofey on May 17. The allegation was denied by Tyrone and the probe into the matter was only concluded in late September.

However, the Tyrone-based online magazine claimed on Tuesday that the allegatations attributed to the Red Hand minor footballers “did not take place” according to Ulster GAA.

Donegal GAA subsequently released a statement refuting the claims by the online magazine and a separate statement from the Ulster Council clarified the issue.

“We again refute the story carried by and feel it was very unhelpful," Dunnion told the Donegal Democrat.

“We welcome the press release from the Ulster Council and the clarifiaction that the reports carried by the online mag were not accurate.

“Both CLG Dhun na nGall and CLG Thir Eoghain had agreed that the findings would remain confidential because of the welfare concerns of underage players. We are disappointed that the matter was brought into the public domain,” the chairman added.

Anti Ulster bias even in Ulster. It’s endemic.