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We go again


We’re booked in for the little ladies tonsils to be removed. Just hope the pain will be worth it but she’s being getting trouble with them too often.

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It’s weird blue,that’s the way my oldest girl does be too…not much crying once she wakes tho…it’s freaky as fuck

Brain development stage they say.

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They’re not awake, once you realise that it helps. All this shall pass I guess.

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Every time I’ve changed the young fellas nappy today he has shit in the fresh one again within 3 minutes. Laughing at me too, the little bollocks.

He knows what he’s at​:rofl::rofl:

Has your wife ever slept with @GeoffreyBoycott?


Good question.

**[quote=“Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy, post:8, topic:30277, full:true”]

Has your wife ever slept with @GeoffreyBoycott?

:smile: :smile: :smile:

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I’m driven demented here … took a couple of days off to do some work on a side project but the little one was having none of it – she’s going through a spurt/leap and teething and she’s like an absolute briar for two days— wants to be up, down, up, down - i’ve walked her, put her in the car, sang every lullaby I know and tickled every little piggy but no joy. …Have been using teetha - but Is calpol wasted for teething? i’m reluctant to give medications unless really needed but my patience is beginning to wane. Fair play to the women that live with this all day every day…

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If be wary of calpol,etc,I made my smallie go unconscious,well vv drowsy when a baba using that shite,got a quare fright

Cold soother( fridge job) for teething

No soothers here…but yeah, been giving her chew on soothing toys. I think it’s the spurt more than anything.

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Stick a dish cloth in the freezer…try that…mine loved it when they were teething

We don’t use a soother but you can get teething rings you can stick in fridge. That teetha stuff I find is fine for instant relief.

The occasional shot of calpol at bedtime does no fucking harm at all.

The spurt/leap - you just gotta roll with it. The women have some app which tells them when all this shit should be happening .

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you’re trying to hard. She’s just miserable and you are trying to make her not miserable because it suits you.

give her an auld doody and leave her away if she doesn’t want to be annoyed

It’s not like the child will be going around with a doody when she’s ten.

I don’t know what some parents have against them. They’ll give them up in their own time when they start playschool and there’s no doodies.


Twas offered to our one but she just fucked it away. They grew out of them after a few years sure