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I think Guinness sold in UK is now brewed in Dublin.

But for non Irish breweries they do send out a concentrate which is used by the local brewery.

I had Guinness in US last week that tasted on a par with what you’d get here.

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Danger here.


Kegs are shipped worldwide from st James gate in containers. The shelf life is short enough though and really should be consumed in 6 to 8 weeks.

You will see Guinness tankers in Dublin, some going to Belfast to be canned and more going to the ferry. These go to Wigan with a concentrate which is 2x the final product volume. This is then turned into the kegged product for the British market.

Kegs in the north come from Dublin.


Tis great to be able just to tell them to get a card.

Thanks mate. I’m not going mad. I’ve lost my taste for it here since I heard that tbh.

On the other hand, rather than going for two (2) or maybe tree(3) pints of Guinness yesterday teatime, I stayed home and had a g&t (large, very large) and a half bottle of Muga. I felt this morning that this was a poor choice and I’d be paying for it.

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All went grand. I also told her I’d cooked enough yesterday that there was no need to go out for dinner or get takeaway this evening.

Don’t you dream of getting a takeaway on Mothers Day. There’s leftovers there and you are to eat every bite.

Surprised you hadnt them wrapped in tinfoil for the match


We can’t all be the grill king of North West Limerick.


Told her there I’d fire a few chips in the air fryer as well. Sure what more could she want?

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I had better add that the team Guinness is taken out of the being process earlier rather than being reduced to a concentrate.

Travel and time are more the issue with bad pints.

There’s something in my eye



Have you watched Andor yet?

I’ve no interest in Star Trek pal.

A closed mind catches no wasps.

1 year today.

How does it feel like 3 weeks and 10 years simultaneously?


Jim Henson letter to his kids to be opened after he died