The Daily Debate 24-03-2020 - Zlatan or Larsson?

Since @Big_Dan_Campbell is enjoying his life in the sun I’ll give one a rattle

Who was better, Henrick or Zlatan?

  • Zlatan
  • Larrson

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At least throw up a poll, you useless sack of shite.

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You’re welcome.

That’s a very tough one.

Larson was extremely underrated for me. He wasted his career a little but there’s a lot of spoof around zatlan. He never really done it in Europe and he played for the best teams.

This is a good one though. Well done @Thomas_Brady

big game and you need a goal… Which one would deliver?

Zlatan for me.


Lads, it’s easily Zlatan. I’d imagine the sentimental vote will keep it close.



Zatlan failed so many times. Inter, ac, juve and Barcelona.

Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
2004–2006 Juventus 70 (23)
2006–2009 Inter Milan 88 (57)
2009–2011 Barcelona 29 (16)

He won 7 titles at those 4 clubs.

Yeah but he never did it in the last 10 minutes of close games


Zlatan’s carry on with regard to Tyrone Mings stamping on his head were the actions of a proper man.

No rolling around, just did him with an elbow in the next challenge.

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Me too — Zlatan was a bit of a flat track bully who could occasionally do something outrageous … Larsson was a winner.

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They’d have won titles without him though. He never done it in Europe. Barcelona were much better without him and when he left inter they won a treble the following season. Zatlan is a YouTube footballer in reality. He’s brilliant against the weaker teams but in the really big games champions league semi finals and that sort of thing he was an absolute failure. I think zatlan was a myth for the most part created by his own bull shit. He was good but no where near an elite level striker.

:laughing: Clueless