The daily debate beans on chips or not

Very important poll here
@myboyblue, given my technological shortcomings, could you be so kind as to set up the poll. The very future of this forum relies on the result

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What is it you want to say mate?

Soak those Chips in Beans. Apply salt & pepper. Ate it…

I like chips and I like beans. A pile of beans atop a chip at the back of a fork is a noble bite

Chips covered with beans?

Only sick fuckers cover chips with bean.

Couldn’t give a fuck one way or another.

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No for me but each to his or her own

How do you like your chips and beans

  • I love me chips slathered with beans
  • Only sick fuckers cover chips with bean
  • Couldn’t give a fuck one way or another

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I’m abstaining from a vote here as I feel we can all have our own tastes

I love beans
I love chips
I’d prefer them to be segregated when in the same meal.

Have a good day everyone :pray:


I’m easy whichever way. Beans and chips are great bed fellows. On top, beside or in a ramekin on the side it’s all good.

Throw a few sausages and a poached egg into the mix and now we are talking

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Fuck Tipp

Mushy peas a must( mammies mattrersons or the ones you had to soak overnight )

Are you filling the @anon60384913 void

Has he disappeared again?

He has, I hope he’s well


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I hate beans, hate, hate, hate them.
There, I said it.


I see the forum oddballs are filling up the NO camp fairly fast

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More a case of The lowborns getting badly exposed here…

Alright cumspot, what’s the story bud?

Tearing away like a tinker’s shirt pal…

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