The Damien Duff Appreciation Thread

Happy 40th birthday, Duffer. :tada::four_leaf_clover::soccer::ireland:



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i predict stephen bradley to take over the parkhead hotseat in june if developements in the last 48 hours with duffer’s rapid promotion and his boss on the verge of putting 3 million into rovers in the summer

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That fabulous little fellow Damien Duff celebrating the late Glasgow derby winner yesterday.

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Should men in their 40s wear skinny trackie bottoms? Genuine question

He looks special

Definitely not. When did skinny track bottoms become a thing, for jaysus sake…
What’s wrong with the rainjacket, farah slacks, and black brogues on the sideline?
Remember when golf shoes were the trendy thing for middle class GAA managers!

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Cunts of yokes.

It’s not that they should, it’s that they may. And it’s more to do with how old you look than your actual age. There’s guys my age and they look 50, yeah.

I’d be partial to wearing my skinny (not as skinny as Duff’s) track pants as I go about my business on a Saturday morning. Typically involves popping out for a coffee, a trip to the hardware store and 20 minutes at the playground. Would struggle to come up with something more appropriate.


A regular track bottom?

@balbec should get a pair, the young squareheads might stop mistaking him for Dziadek then

No grown man should be wearing tracksuits at any time of day or night.


So GAA shorts in the gym yes but trackies no


Trackies are for kids and people who dont know better… i’m mortified for any grown man going around wearing a tracksuit … what the fuck else would you wear in the gym except shorts?

Says the lepjack going around on national TV in denim shorts :rollseyes:


Unless I’m obliged by social etiquette to wear slacks or at least jeans, I’m in a tracksuit pants.

I go with what’s comfortable. And man, they are comfortable. (not skinny ones).

Denim shorts are highly fashionable. Dont be bringing your inner roaster into it.

Do you bring your daughter with you?


I’m roaster inside and out.

Unless involved in sporting activity of some sort, a grown man should not be wearing a tracksuit, especially not those fucking skinny ones.