The Danny Healy Rae Thread

By the sounds of today Danny is gonna give us some excellent nuggets over his term in the Dail. Feel free to capture them on this thread.

‘Danny Healy-Rae, newly elected in Kerry, has been speaking to Oireachtas TV.
“We were afraid we’d crash into each other on narrow roads,” Healy-Rae said of his campaign alongside his running mate and brother Michael, who was also elected’

‘Danny Healy-Rae says going away from today without a government is like going to a wedding where the bride and groom don’t show up.
4:04 PM - 10 Mar 2016’

Id say the bang of sweat off him is incredible.


We should check all sightings of his shirt front particularly toward evening. I’m predicting gravy stains after 2 carvery dinners and copious porter stains to be the norm.


Michael on Prime Time " Our responsibility is to act responsibly"


Nothing wrong with that.


He finally took the hat off.

I actually think he spoke very well.

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Love these lads, a political dynasty to rival the Fitzgerald Kennedys has been spawned


Michael is a serious operater regardless of the stunts they pull.

His a very shrewd Kerryman.

of course he is, thats all an act, look at all the roasters who fall for it here, who fall for the stereotype he is projecting, the Healy rae’s would buy and sell them, I hope they return 4 TD’s in Kerry in the next election

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The cunts have the contract for all the speed vans in the country. Notice the next time they all have a KY reg.

Kerry people are very alert, these Healy Rae’s are only acting the bollocks.

They are hamming it up to the last, I saw Michael speaking off camera when he thought it wasn’t recording, he spoke with a very educated TCD accent



I was honestly never taught Englsih grammer at school mate.

Get over it or ban me.


You’re messing surely?

idiot of the month carry on right there

Of course he did, ha had his sandwiches under it.

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