The Defense Forces/Cadetship

Anyone know anyone that has served a cadetship, half debating applying for one…would be a fine handy number if I got in…


Oh lord…

I met a fella at a house party before and he was just back from a tour of duty and was absolute dick head, so I think you should give it a miss.


What was this lads first name?

City people join the army, country people join the guards. That’s how it works.

:rolleyes: what’s this all about?

The guards aren’t recruiting though runty…

Fucked if I know. It was about 8 years ago and I was only talking to him for 10 minutes before I got bored of listening to his how great the army was shit.

Your bird will be ridin all around her when youre off on those tours. That comes as standard apparently.

I know a lad that was/still is in Chad. An absolute lunatic of a man. The army is prob the only place where he would fit in.

They all tend to think the army is the bee’s knees.

The majority of lad’s in the army would be clinically insane.

If you’ve to any sort of high jinks in your past they won’t take you anyway. They’ll know more than you’d think.

Did you get rejected?

I doubt puke has anything to hide other than trapping a few crows.

I have a clean record apart for a few penalty points on the licence

[quote=“The Runt”]Did you get rejected?

I doubt puke has anything to hide other than trapping a few crows.[/quote]

No. One of my mates got rejected for running down henry street on top of the parked Garda cars. Wasn’t charged but they knew about it anyway.

They don’t take mucksavages…

Puke would make a good officer. Badly need some proper fighting men in there. Officer or nothing though Puke, don’t countenance going in as cannon fodder.