The depression thread

Bad few days Sid. Just know that it’s a bad few days. You’ve seemed a bit better recently. My pal will be home in three weeks. Get a cuppa then more regularly.


Still in the pits of this. Lost all interest in just about about everything. Finding myself crying and all at random points in the day. Pure cunt of a thing


Are you still off the meds mate?


The Undefeated Mind.

Listen/Read it.

You know the craic yourself. Meds aren’t always the answer either.

I never got any use out of them. And the side-effects destroy me

I find with them that you don’t think they are helping but they are. They don’t give the noticeable kick all the time - that’s why they are non addictive.

Have you tried meditation?

I been on them for years. I never felt any better.

No I tried it a few times but find it hard to sit still for that long

Kind of between a rock and a hard place at the moment. Really struggling with just staying balanced and, dare I say it, sane at the moment. A lot of best intended plans end up with me back in bed. Head feels like it is in a vice. I’d say I got about 2 hours sleep last night.

I’m on probation at work and I’m continuing to struggle on in there but my output is appalling, both in terms of quality and quantity. Don’t know whether it’s best to struggle on and try to bluff my way through it or go on sick leave for a bit. My sick leave is already on the high side and I’m worried I’ll fail probation because of it.


Have you shared your situation with your employer or is that even something you can contemplate?
‘Your head in a vice’ is a powerful description.

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No I don’t think I can do much re my employer. I can probably work from home more but that’s not really helpful.

That’s the only way I can describe it. Like it’s being squeezed (or squoze) from both sides.

I’m not sure spending more time in Portlaoise is the answer here.