The Diaspora

Wishing all the Diaspora of the forum who can’t be with their loved ones this Christmas the greetings of the season. Never forget it was Chewys cronie cunts Fianna Fáil who done and did this to yis.

Signing in. Happy Christmas.

Anseo. Happy Christmas all

Happy Christmas, pal.

Enda Kenny done this to us you wankstain. Fuck fine gael. We will never forget

It does escape some people that Edna’s main complaint in the boom was that the then govt weren’t actually spunking enough cash up the wall.

happy christmas @balbec
id say this could be one of my last christmases (sp) at what i used to call home… you know the drill by now id say and how the roots are severed pretty quick
enjoy man.

Thank fuck gobshites like you don’t have a vote anymore, however sadly there’s enough gombeens who have tasted the Fianna Fáil cool aid that they’ll be back in power laughing up their sleeves at the simpletons in this country who continue to perpetuate the inevitable cycle of destruction we’ve grown accustomed to ver over the past century

[quote=“mickee321, post: 877929, member: 367”]happy christmas @balbec
id say this could be one of my last christmases (sp) at what i used to call home… you know the drill by now id say and how the roots are severed pretty quick
enjoy man.[/quote]

Yeah, thanks Mickee. It must be ten years or so since I was home at Christmas. It’s less of a draw when the parents aren’t around.

I despise them all equally, but fuckwits would happily draw a veil over what that cretin enda kenny was calling for, just as he would wish.

[SIZE=5]‘Liam’s’ tour of London - Confirmed Venues[/SIZE]
16 January 2014The London branch of the Clare Senior Hurling Supporters Club invite you to meet the All Ireland Hurling winning manager Davy Fitzgerald along with Clare players Tony Kelly, John Conlon and Fergal Lynch with the Liam McCarthy Cup at the Crown Moran Hotel, Cricklewood on Saturday 18th January at 8pm.

There will be a Disco plus Buffet and Raffle on the night. Tickets are £15. All proceeds to the Clare Senior Hurling Training Fund.

On Friday and Saturday, there is also an opportunity to meet the visitors at the following local pubs:
Friday 17th Jan
7pm - The Churchill Arms
119 Kensington Church St, Notting Hill, W8 7LN

Saturday 18th Jan
2pm - Buckleys
187 Sreatfield Road, Queensbury, Harrow, HA3 9DA

4pm - The Burren
174 Church Rd, Willesden, NW10 9NH

6pm - Maloneys
429 High Road, Willesden, NW10 2JN

8pm - The Crown Moran
142-152 Cricklewood Broadway, London, NW2 3ED
Disco • Buffet • Raffle
Tickets £15

For more details, please contact Bernard on 07711 980431.

How twee

shouldering competition is option but expected

The craic was good in Crickelwood
They wouldn’t leave the Crown

Premier sports has been free on Virgin media since Christmas and is until the end of February for anyone in the UK. Has the National Football and Hurling leagues on it. Currently watching Boca and Newell’s Old Boys. David Trezeguet up front for Newell’s.

Its a gem . Didn’t realise until yesterday that they do English commentary on the tg4 broadcast.

It’s a hell of a lot better than searching for a stream for it.

Two games in the Warwickshire Hurling Championship today.

Mitchell’s V Casements
St. Barnabas V St.Declans

I stayed off the spirits last night in preparation for this evening #commitment

Some of ours only go on spirits the night before. How ye fixed for it?