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Now that we know of at least two citizens of this state who have become ‘radicalised’ to the point where they moved to the Daesh caliphate to live, a discussion needs to happen about what to do with these people after they have been captured. Should they ever be allowed to return to this country? I have always supported the movement of refugees here and the need to do the decent thing and look after them. However, I do not under any circumstances want these vermin to be allowed back into the country. I am seriously worried, but not at all surprised, at the recent words of Varadker (cunt) and Flanagan (bigger cunt) at the need to extend a diplomatic hand to ISIS members in order to assist their return back home to Ireland.

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let the Russians look after them

Send em to Leitrim

Woah now, let’s not act too hastily here, they’re still people

According to @glasagusban it’s vital that these people are returned, so we can learn why sawing people’s heads off, burning other people alive in cages, and selling children as sex slaves is so pleasing to Allah.


Can we bring them back to execute them?

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We should house them in the middle of halting sites

We should house them in an IBIS hotel.

If we can’t tolerate suicide bombing how can we call ourselves a tolerant progressive society?


Do we have a choice if they are Irish citizens, born and reared?

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A person can’t be left without a state as far as I know, this was an issue in Britain recently but I don’t know if it was resolved, it depends on whether or not they want to return.
If they are personally guilty of crimes they can be held obviously.

Don’t have a choice if they hold no other citizenship. Can they be prosecuted when they come back is the question, not sure i trust the guards or anyone to keep an eye on them

Who should take responsibility for these people? “Someone else, someone else!”

Fuckin gobshites.

What should happen to them glas?

Send them back I don’t give a fuck what becomes of them, they forfeit all their rights and protection when they decide to leave to support radical Islamic extremists. Let them rot on the boat they come back on and leave them for the fish. Soft fucking cunts around here, makes me feel ashamed how weak we are gone.


Whats right is right.

To hell or to Thurles


If they have been convicted of a crime abroad they should serve their sentence, in Ireland. If there is evidence that they have committed a crime under Irish law they should be prosecuted, in Ireland. If neither of the above they return to Ireland, they’ll be monitored by Gardaí.

The key point is they are irish citizens and therefore Ireland’s responsibility. You can’t expect other countries to have to deal with the shit your citizens cause abroad, especially if they don’t want to or have the wherewithal to do do so. For example, it costs money to keep a prisoner, Ireland can’t and shouldn’t expect other countries to bear that cost if they don’t want to.

Same principle applies to Britain. But Britain doesn’t have a great track record of taking responsibility for its problems in recent years.