The drunk driving thread

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going over to get the grandfather
avoid the n25 in both directions over the next 40 minutes @Beautiful City if you are on the way to Youghal

The small one with you?

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Not signing in.

vroom vroom:pint:
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@manusboyle will surely sign in later

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Fairly locked now after the dinner. Few lines to straighten the head out and off out to visit the neighbours for the night. Hot whiskeys gangsta style.

Signing in. Off down for a few steadys

Signing in. I’ll be clipping the ditches on the way to the wren do tonight. the way the rain is lashing there won’t be a cop within 20 miles of here.

hope the wipers are working

Be careful the people of north clare. I’ll be tipping around anywhere in the next 12 hours. High on coke and drunk

Stay safe @Tassotti, its vicious out there. Drink away, you wont be seeing Paddy Fahy tonight :smiley:

top up on the coke before you get behind the wheel, it will keep you alert/awake while driving

Great advice :clap:.

You’re a dafty @mickee321,I’ve said numerous times that I never learned to drive.

I’ve been paggered on numerous buses and trains but never behind the wheel of a car,which I realise being from Donegal makes me unique.

Signing in, I’m hammer ed here in bed.

will be signing in after the cup final to get baby formula in the pharmacy

Is there no goat you could milk?

Racist cunt.

Btw, north Africans drink camel’s milk.

there is not.
would you advise the route?
got back safely anyhow