The Eagles ‘Hotel California 2022’ tour at Lansdowne Rd 24th June 2022

And so America’s favourite band arrive into Dublin tomorrow, for what could well be their final ever Irish gig. Concerts at Anfield on Monday and Murrayfield on Thursday evening have gone down well with critics and fans alike. For guys in their mid 70s they are fucking amazing.

Would have loved to have seen them while Glenn Frey was still alive, but I’m still really looking forward to it. Don Henley & Joe Walsh alone are worth the admission price. Think the addition of Vince Gill in 2017 has been a good move but I’m not a fan of Frey’s son Deacon in the group, family link or not.

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I’d have never had you down for a 70 year old @Gary_Birtles_Lovechi


Good taste is ageless :yawning_face:

They must be Desperados for money

Signing in. Feck it’s on awful early. Must be due to the percentage of attendees needing to take the meds before bed.



Enjoy. I saw them with the folks in 94 or was it 95 in the RDS. A wet evening. Brilliant gig, as Joe Walsh and Don Henley chucked in their own solo hits as well. I saw Don Henley a few years back in Dublin, and he was also pretty good. Did a very good version of Tears for Fears “…rule the world”.
They get slated as corporate cheese rock, but I don’t care. They do have a few awful soppy shite songs, but have an awful amount of cracking ones.

I’m not a fan of them at all but that Joe Walsh is an absolute shredder. A serious guitar man


Saw them in landsdowne in 2005. Was a bucket list gig. They didnt interact with the audience that much and the age profile of the crowd was a lot older fhan i was back then.

I had a good night and the musicianship was fantastic, but like i said they didnt interact and there wasnt much of an atmosphere.

Did they interact much with the crowd?



Shredder was in The Turtles, not The Eagles.

I was at that one. They were shite. But if you gotta see them then off you go.

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I like this one.

That’s a banger

Signing in.

The auld fella (in his mid 70s) is coming up to it and has a spare ticket. Sure I said fuck it, why not.

He’s also making a weekend of it and going to HQ tomorrow and Sunday.


A pretty standard blues number but a good one nonetheless.

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One of the few songs that I like as much for its lyrics as for its melody

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The Eagles and Forest, he must have grown up in the 70’s/early 80s