The Eamon Dunphy Thread


Champions League game a few years back involving Man City.

“Fernando wasn’t playing tonight and you wouldn’t have noticed. Fernandinho was playing tonight and you wouldn’t have noticed. Mangala wasn’t playing tonight because he’s useless”


You may need to withdraw that post mate, on the list of people never to be mentioned on TFK.




The Dunphy De Rossa defamation case in the High Court was box office.


I’ll reflect on your suggestion. I wasn’t aware


Delete that or edit name.


I take it yis are serious


Yes — Change it to Richelle schmit or something like that.


He was on a sticky wicket there .


The Venables rant is great!


He did the nation some service that day.


Prick he was. Venables becoming Ireland boss was last leg of my treble to win 900 quid and himself and Gilesy kiboshed it.


There was a string of articles for the sindo around then that were gold. Seamus Heaney, Mary Robinson, John waters and the rest of Official Ireland got it in large portions.


“He wouldn’t last five minutes on zonal marking”


Hardly a bastion of Official Ireland and supposedly mates with Dunphy at the time.


John Hume was another bizarrely.


Dunphy - Stop it there lads. There’s your problem Bill
Bill - What’s that Eamonn?
Dunphy draws a circle on John Hartsons back side
Dunphy - There it is Bill. Hartsons arse. That is not the arse of a £7m player.


The rod riddle rant totally overshadows one of my favourite eamon moments. “Niall Quinn’s a creep”


“An idiot like Niall Quinn” at the very end for no particular reason.


Ah Dunphy had become a parody of himself by the end. He was top drawer in his day though.
It’s forgotten mainly but he wasn’t afraid to get stuck in as a journalist. A terrible presenter though.
His autobiography is excellent. A smart guy behind it all