The Eamon Dunphy Thread


Brian Mullins got it in the neck from Dunphy in a Sindo column. June 1987. He proper went for him with both barrels.


When did he start doing that car crash of a Friday night chat show on TV3? It was worse than awful. It was the Helix it was filmed in I think. I remember on one episode the fire alarm just started going off and he continued to try interview before just pausing while obviously getting instructions. An absolutely shocking presenter.


He wrote an outstanding book about Man Utd as well. A strange kind of Glory. His love for Giles is lifelong


Only a game is a fine book as well, I always enjoyed listening to Dunphy but yeah, he was dialing it in for a finish, he’d do well on TFK in fairness, very stubborn and pretends to know more than he does.
The last word was very good with him st the helm, I’d say I’ve only listened to Matt Cooper less than a handful of times but Dunphy was box office in that time slot.


September 2003. I think it only ran until Christmas before being taken off.

The edition the Friday before the hurling final was particularly cringey. Dunphy was in full “my VBF DJ Carey” mode. It had gotten out that the Sunday World were going to do a story about Carey’s marriage breaking up. Dunphy warned them that the plain people of Ireland would be angry, very angry at the treatment of “our greatest amateur sportsman”. Liam Griffin was on to talk in mystical cliches about the greatness of hurling. Jimmy Greaves was bizarrely brought onto the stage for about five minutes before being let go. Instead of asking him about his life, Dunphy asked him about hurling. “It’s a very special weekend in Ireland, Jimmy.” Jimmy didn’t know much about hurling but said he understood the passion people felt for sport.



I remember this




Did he do an Irish weakest link as well or am I imagining it?



I remember him doing it as the Euro had not long been introduced and he had a peculiar way of saying “euros” everytime. “For 100 eurosssss”. used to pout or something saying the completely unnecessary S at the end.


I remember him stumbling through questions


I had tickets to the Helix show one night. The producers asked us to put our jackets over the empty seats to make it look full. Think Kieran fallon was on that night, who was basically mute.


Mates enough to sue him and the Indo? Fintan O’Toole and Pat Kenny are another two that got it.


The thing with the podcast is that you want Dunphy to be the one being asked the questions as he’s a complete liability


Off topic, I just googled John Waters to try and get what you’re talking about, I stumbled across this little gem, excuse the domain:-

"The same story emerged in 2014, no change from the present version except now there is an enquiry which has issued a preliminary report and simply repeated the same allegations. No news, no facts, no change in the evidence and yet this story has gone around the world for the second time in three years as though it were true, as though it were proven.

Waters is some cunt but not an Official Ireland cunt.

At the start of the Dunphy podcast interview they told each other they were great mates before it all blew up. I don’t know shit man just observing.


Dunphy was never the same without Billo


Was brilliant in the aftermath of bloody sunday


“Unctuous” was the word Dunphy used about Kenny. He used it about 20 times in the same column.

O’Toole used to fill in for Dunphy on The Last Word. One of those times was him presenting a preview of one of the Dublin-Kerry matches in Thurles in 2001. Fintan said “it would make the old heart flutter if the Dubs could do it”.

Kevin Myers was the main stand-in before Matt Cooper assumed this role. There was a really good Apres Match sketch broadcast after the 1999 Champions League final in which “Kevin Myers, filling for Eamon Dunphy”, Colm Murray, Frank Stapleton and Dunphy were placed in the fictional Barcelona nightclub, “Guardiola’s”, aka the Doyle Montrose Hotel.


He will be sadly missed.


The other lads don’t know how to play him. Actually asking him to back up his wild assertions took the fun out of it