The Electric Vehicle Thread

I have recently taken delivery of an electric vehicle. In my case a plugin hybrid electric vehicle. I am curious as to whether any other forumites are in a similar situation as I would like this thread to provide an area where forumites can share their experiences of this cutting edge technology.

A mobility scooter?


No. A motor car.

Does it have an artificial engine sound or is it silent when it runs on electric power alone.

Pretty clear from recent postings that

A) other road users do not hear you ; or

b) do not respect drivers of electric cars.

Or a combination of a and b.

make and model?

Pretty much how I’ve always imagined @Fagan_ODowd

That’s not relevant to the thread.

well excuse me.

you and your Nissan Leaf can fuck off.


Cheers, pal.

I may have overreacted.

I gathered that when you mentioned the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is an EV. My car is a PHEV. The difference is the leaf is pure electric. My car is petrol/electric.

Well wear, pal.

I’m glad you took my advice and steered clear of a full electric option unlike those mugs @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy & @rocko.

I didn’t know you could still get a petrol car. I haven’t looked back since getting my Leaf. A joy to drive. Nothing more thrilling than driving along the coast to Portmarnock and hearing the Canadian geese overhead competing with the soothing sound of the gentle waves lapping the shoreline as I cruise by in my silent vehicle.


How long does it take to charge the Leaf @Rocko

Who are the manufacturers of this imaginary car you just took delivery of kid?

Fuck off and mind your own business.


Is there a spot to plug it into down outside Octopussys?

No the only charging point in the area is at Sutton dart station. There is one in Dunmore though. Anyway you get a free charge point at your house as part of the grant incentive.

Did you buy a Lexus @Fagan_ODowd? If so, good choice.

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No not a plug in option.