The family unit will be saved by this agenda

So they can pay for your pension.

Queers should be forced to marry that would put a halt to their gallop

Of course gay people should be allowed to marry, of course they should have all the tax etc benefits of hetero married couples, of course they should be allowed to adopt / have surrogate children. Its really quite silly that we are having to have such a debate in this day and age.

Be quiet you stupid cunt.

Is there going to be a national vote on this subject soon or what.

What is the difference between gay marriage and a civil partnership?

Yet you gave enough of a fuck to google such a pointless fucking picture.

Let them marry, what the fuck about it.

Right, so if a religion’s rules state you can’t have gay marriage and you are a member of that church/practise that religion then it should be clear. Then the civil law protects the rights of their partnership etc. So what’s the problem? Does one of them want to walk down the aisle in a white dress or something?

yeah, make them miserable like the rest of us!

Yes but if gays were allowed to get married, it would really piss a lot of people off and for that alone it should be encouraged.

[quote=“myboyblue, post: 754926, member: 180”]Yet you gave enough of a fuck to google such a pointless fucking picture.

Let them marry, what the fuck about it.[/quote]
No I didn’t…
As I said I don’t give a care if they do or they don’t…it doesn’t bother me one way or another.
I on the other hand have a problem with a same gender adopting a child.
I’ve had many a debate with my brother in law about this who is adopted and I don’t care what anybody says gay people should not be allowed to adopt…marry,fine…

Gays should be allowed to get married but no way should they be allowed adopt kids.

Or animals.

I’d vote “yay” for this reason too. It’d be gas craic.

I have no problem with gays adopting animals.
Those miniature terriers need homes too.

Nothing to so with religion, it’s o do with the different rights benefits and status between marriage and civil partnership.

Don’t be nasty Stephan.

like what?

thats my take on it to based on a question time I saw when I lived in IONA

I paid for my own pension.