The Favourite Provincial Stadium Thread

You could see how geographical conditions made Donegal eminently suited to tippy tappy defensive football.


Valleymount are good people. Lovely part of the country there.

Passports for Pitches!

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This seems quite unseemly

That’s actually genius :clap:


There’ll be some whinging from LOI fanboys who didn’t think of it first


It’s been on the go for a few years.

A club in Chipp got milluns from it.

It’s not a bad idea. Do the people basically donate 400k or do they retain a share in the ground?

Donate i would think. I don’t believe the GAA allow their pitches/stadiums to be owned by third parties - except for part community owned.

Now maybe you can have third party/private ownership but you will not get a grant from the GAA in relation to the facilities

Playing strokes to avail of Irish residency ‘rules’ goes on in the IFSC all the time.

I’d imagine people could find a way of investing to gain residence rather than giving away. The tans always missed a trick not selling honours for school sports fields and the like rather than a measlyfew quid to the back of liz truss couch.

Peter Fitzpatrick always left me quite cold.

It’s very common. Heaps of lads get residency that way

  1. Nowlan Park
    At the end of the main street with plenty of parking. An outstanding ground with plenty of covered seating.
  2. Parnell Park
    Great atmosphere the last few times I’ve been there, namely Wexford vs Dublin 2019 drawn game.
  3. Cusack Park, Ennis
    Another ground like Nowlan Park at the end of the main street. Great little atmospheric ground.
  4. Fitzgerald Stadium
    Can feel the history in the ground eminate around it. Was there for the Kerry senior football semi finals of 2019. Great atmosphere, not far from the town.
  5. Pairc Ui Chaoimh
    A nice modern ground. Awful that one has to walk through a dilapidated industrial estate to get to it from the city, but at least there’s the food market half way. Beware of sitting by norries.
  6. Newbridge
    Seems like it’s right on the main street of the town. Should get a ton of handy neutral games when redevelopment is complete. Old main stand one could only stand up in it, basically a terrace. The new main stand should bring it on big time.
  7. Wexford Park
    I live 10 min walk away but realise it’s always gridlocked all the way to the Maldron roundabout for away/rural supporters. Can’t imagine parking is good cause very few decent car parks about. But have seen some great days there, so this is my reasoning for rating it.
  8. Dr. Cullen Park
    In bad need of a redevelopment. But atmospheric. Just a pity Carlow town is the land of roundabouts for easier access. Should be getting a redevelopment, I’m sure would get many neutral games if it did.
  9. Fraher Field
    When I think of Dungarvan I think of Saturday evenings in Feb watching the footballers under the lights. There’s a romance to it. Nice tight ground.
  10. Aughrim
    Like Drogheda it reminds me of a well to do club ground… Very rural. Unique ground so to speak. Smallest county ground in the country?

Semple Stadium - As a Wexford fan have bad memories. Shit road to get to it and bland town.
Walsh Park - Kip. Redevelopment should have been done in Carriganore.
Was there for Wexford vs Louth in 2012. Sitting on the banks on a scorching hot day. More of a club ground than a county ground. Redevelopment will be interesting.
O’Moore Park
Devoid of atmosphere. Shit road to it. Smell of shit outside it. Nice main stand, about it.

Yet to get to: Navan, Tullamore, Mullingar, Pearse Park/Stadium, rest of connacht, all of Ulster, Gaelic Grounds.

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I was only ballhopping

That would be fantastic.

A wonderful opportunity to promote rugby in Wexford.

They’re closing the Aviva for 3 weeks for the UEFA cup final?

Looks like Leinster will end up homeless.

Sounds like they’ll either end up in PUC or Thomond or croker.

Bizarre really.

Nowlan Park would be fantastic venue to host a Leinster rugby match.