The first nuke

War is imminent lads .

Hopefully you are the first and last victim.

I heard theys dropping like flys the chelt boyz. Good luck with that . Ya be honoured if they wasted a nuke on me . You’ll get no bed no nurse no sympathy no funeral. Cremated in the back of shannon airport and that will be your story.

You cried like a baby last week because a lad was ball hopping with you , and you wishing death on me then . You are pathetic.


What’s your point here @anon26343222? Can you elaborate?

He can’t he’s looking for somebody to bite so don’t.

I’ll give him fair dues

Putin is very fucking quite is my point . Oil is been sold cheap and they have been fucked off by the Saudis

Ok, that’s a little bit crude in its delivery but I somewhat agree with the sentiment. A possible stimulus for recovery could be a global conflict and with the status of the governments in russia the us and China, it’s entirely possible

The chinese set it up beautifully…a wee kerfuffle on their doorstep and back to work in a fortnight, just so no one can point the finger. Meanwhile back to wiping his arse with handfuls of rushes and indenturing himself to anyone with a shilling to throw him.


If this was weaponized, which I don’t for a sub second think it was, it was aimed at China.

China will save us in this situation. They’ll understand the virus much quicker than anyone else. I hope they share and I hope we listen

They already shared the code …or something. It’s ironic that they’re ahead of the curve when they caused the thing by having no notion of basic food hygiene. A great bunch of lads.

Hang on a sec now. It’s only entirely logical that the nation with the greatest population on earth would originate a global pandemic.

A little less of the xenophobia, a little more of the facts

You dont think the crazy wet markets were an accident waiting to happen? Bats next to ferrets next to salamanders next to chickens, all butchered on the same block?


Theres markets in London where you can buy a jellied eel out of the Thames alongside a pheasant or a duck.

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I dunno, I’m .683 Italian and it’s not as if were blameless.
But listen to this lad describing the petri dish that is wuhan market.


Look, what’s deemed edible is decided by how h hungry you are and cultural influences. Because of bambi the vast majority of western culture wont eat deer. It has zero significance on a pandemic that infects humans.

Blame people eating bats if you want but that is xenophobic in my opinion

It’s not xenophobic at all. The government in China are kicking off a major clampdown on how wild meat is sold and butchered etc.

The pathogens of most viruses mean that humans are more harmful to animals in terms of disease. At the very most bad meat will give you the shits