The Fugees Ooh La La La

What is the board’s opinion on the current refugee crisis? Desperate people fleeing genocide at the hands of murderous zealots or happy go lucky chancers out to make a quick buck and take our jobs? Is everyone happy with Ireland’s response so far? I would much prefer if we took more responsibility and took some of these poor cunts in. We could do what we normally do and stick them all in some sort of twilight zone nothingness limbo hell and let them rot in some dilapidated hotel in Athy but al least they’d still be alive.


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I think it’s the former. I’m not happy with the government’s response. I think we should be accepting refugees openly. I’m a sensitive soul beneath this hard and gruff INTERNET persona and I’ve found this quite upsetting. I’ve even taken to Facebook to mention it, mate.


Sure we’re booming again. Let them in and give them some high vis vests.



Where are we going in this world? If we, as humans, cannot provide safe haven for people being murdered and raped we have their deaths on our hands also and are just as guilty as the cunts they are fleeing from.

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Clare women have been marrying into Galway for years now Joe to escape the tyranny so our hands are clean as far as I am concerned.

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It’s not a frightening prospect at all to let these people in.

I cannot accept the mentality that people should be condemned to poverty and early death simply because of where they were born. Hopefully the traumatic images yesterday will do something to provoke real action.

I see the Indo have an editorial today calling for immediate action and blaming Brussels. Europe has certainly not done enough working together to solve this crisis but using Brussels and Merkel in their editorial while not making any demands of our own government is typical of their stance. This is a paper frequently using Daily Mail terms like “bogus asylum seekers” and “sham marriages” and now they’re pleading with everyone to open their hearts. Happy to see them coming to terms with the situation but taking a lecture from the Irish Independent on where our moral sympathies should lie is a bit rich.


Rocko, please draft up a letter which TFK posters can send to TDs in their constituencies calling on the government to take decisive action here.


@Rocko - write it.

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Ireland could definitely be doing more to help these people out, but we don’t exactly have a great track record so far in how we deal with refugees that do make it here.

Will they be indefinitely shoved into Direct Provision centers, not allowed to work and given a couple of euro a week?

Apparently a lot of Pakistani migrants have joined the masses fleeing from Syria etc which complicates the matter further at the borders as these people aren’t refugees.

Aren’t the Syrians and Palestinians on our side in the fight against the tans??

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Ask RA spokesman @Bandage.

Open the gates. Let them in. Don’t put them in ghettos. Integrate them properly.

A very good pal of mine posted Thousands Are Sailing by The Pogues on Facebook which I found to be a rather moving message and a reminder to us of our own troubled past.


I think that guy would appreciate a Facebook like for his post, mate. He didn’t want to come across as overbearing or shouting from his soapbox. The song speaks for itself.

Personally, I hope they do put them into direct provision but only for a short time before a Europe wide focus on our sinful treatment of people already there forces the government to take their heads out of their fucking arses and integrate these people into our society. It’s an absolute disgrace how we have treated these people and a stain on our society that it has gone on so long.

Are we human, or are we dancers?


This was something I think people tend to forget. Our own ancestors fled these shores many years ago and expected other countries to take us in. A warzone and a lack of potatoes aren’t all that different.

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I unfortunately heard George Hook ranting on radio last week in what can at best be described as a thinly veiled appeal to stupidity and base prejudices. It was certainly xenophobic, if not downright racist, to be honest I’d class it as the latter.

Utterly cuntish behaviour and it’s extremely unsettling that somebody with such views can apparently be considered as an opinion former in this society.

I’ll be nominating him for COTY as a result.

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