The future of TFK

My current illness and associated hospital stay will not impact on my ability to continue managing TFK AFC and running the forum.

This is not a Houllier type situation and I believe Bandage to be a more capable deputy than Gary McAllister regardless. Unhelpful rumours regarding my long term future are speculative and distractIng from my recovery process.

Flowers and well wishes to TFK’s offices only. I’m trying to keep the family home private in all this.

It hope it’s not a Brian Lenihan type situation.

McAllister was crap but better than Houllier. Might sum up the duo here too.

Best of luck mate. Getting those chips surgically removed from your shoulders could be painful.

If you support me as much as you supported Houllier’s appointment then I’ll be delighted with your backing. Thanks kid.

if ambivalence is what you need, im here to provide it buddy

Get well soon rocko from all at TFKLCSCG

Hey Rocko, hope you’re fucked, from all at TFKCSC (coursing group)

Everything is in my capable hands. Rocko, just concentrate on getting better pal.

If anybody can get through this, Rocko can. He’s a fighter.

The future is now.

Rocko, maybe concentrate on improving your finishing and shooting in general too if you get a chance.

Rocko, here is a diagram for you to study and learn from. Can you spot what is wrong?


HALFWAY LINE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HALFWAY LINE




Neither team is playing a keeper.

That was number 1 on my list.

Number 2 - tinnion isn’t playing.

Anyone got any others?

The goals are situated along the sideline instead of the in the center of the endline

That has not really been specified in the diagram. For all we know, he could be one of the 4.

Plus we only have five players.

That half way line doesn’t look to be centred either

Thought I had actually centred the halfway but ok.

All good, keep em coming.

From that diagram, Rocko’s position looks good. No keeper so just intercept the ball in our half and launch it forward to him. Certain goal, even to the likes of Rocko.