The GAA thread - part deux


But, what would they do then?!!


Study harder or get a job and that stop coasting along on the back of their hobby.


Oh, I’m not sure thats going to work




Banning seniors from playing under 21 is fucking ridiculous. Utterly dumb. And lads don’t see the contradiction in advocating this but not banning them from playing fucking irrelevant university competitions. If one should go, it’s the pointless third level games.


Hear hear hear hear


I’m not saying it’s not a good competition, I’ll often go to watch games when I get a chance. My point would be that it’s for a tiny elite relative to the wider player population, and that elite get enough or too many games as it is.
Would it make their lives “dreary”? If they wanted to enjoy life then definitely give IC a miss, I think we would both agree on that much.
Burnout only happens with a few players? I don’t agree there. Would as many people be discussing it, would Croke Park be publishing reports on it; if it was only happening a few players??

I would be surprised if anyone involved on the inside of third-level teams would argue against third-level competition. Turkeys and Christmas comes to mind. Of course they will blame the IC side. No doubt the IC setups would argue the opposite way.


I agree re the worthless 3rd level competitions, but were the GAA to do this, intercounty players would need to leave college (or many wouldn’t go in the first place) and would lead to more out in the labour force looking for jobs, and most likely on the dole. This would in turn increase calls for GAA to begin paying their players. Its easier for the GAA to let them piss a half a decade or more away in a college before they encounter this moaning.


The celtic tiger is back baby. They’ll all be going straight into sales rep jobs straight after the Leaving now again anyway.


If minor is scrapped and replaced by an under-17 grade, that’s a year earlier that players who aren’t fully grown will be subjected to the crazy training regimes that lots of minor teams already go in for.

Result: More, injuries, more burnout.


Many are the same people. Look up the managers, coaches, s&c, physios etc.
Huge amount of the same people.

I don’t understand what you don’t get about elite sport. Of course its elite. Its the best. However many of the colleges have thriving clubs and cater for many players. The big 5 or 6 Uni’s have 3 teams, 2 Freshers in both codes. Thats 10 teams they cater for. Of course the best players play in Fitz/Sig. That stands to reason.they put in the work too.

You don’t make any sense and don’t really seem to have a grasp on whats going on.


Hence i say reduce importance. Bring it back to the level it is at that age now. Just development and a few tournaments


The default argument. "You don’t understand elite sport, only I do."
You aren’t addressing any of my points, just repeating what you believe. It’s like talking to Nembo.

Okay Kev. We’ll agree to disagree so.
Third-level has nothing to do with burnout.
Third-level should be kept sacrosanct, but minor/U17 or whatever should be downgraded; even though everyone has access to one, and a small proportion have access to the other.


There’s an easy change that could be made here without the need for these stupid documents.

Three weeks could easily be shaved off the amount of time it takes to run the provincial championships.

Play the six provincial finals over two successive weekends instead of three.

Play all provincial preliminary rounds and quarter-finals over a maximum of three weeks combined.

Play all provincial semi-finals over a maximum of two weeks.

Extra-time in all provincial matches up to the finals.

If you did away with the NFL semi-finals, that leaves scope for the final to be two weeks earlier.

2015 example:
April 12: NFL final
April 19: NHL final
May 17 - 31 (weekends of): Provincial preliminary rounds/quarter-finals
June 7/14: Provincial semi-finals
June 21/28: Provincial finals

Rest of championship follows on from there with All-Ireland football finals on August 30.

Alternatively you can get rid of the window between the leagues and championships and just have them follow on from each other, in which case you could have the All-Ireland football final as early as August 9th.

No county championship to start before the middle of July at the earliest.

Leve minor and U-21 alone.


No not talking about elite sport. Talking about the workings of 3rd level GAA, what young players are actually doing and the actual issue of burnout.
While not eradicated, burnout is decreasing for a number of reasons. A combination of the following:

  • some IC managers copping on and realising you can’t burn the candle at both ends. Also the type of person getting into IC management is evolving and tou get alot more sensible practical types
  • Players themselves realising playing 2 sports at once is at best extremely difficult, in some cases (and usually with the best lads) plain dumb. Even at club level i have seen and noticed thru team lists etc that a very large number of players are choosing one sport. Obvious enough around Cork at least and in particular with big city clubs
  • S&C has helped, helping keep those who do go hard and try to play 2 sports or are involved in one sport
  • fixtures have got ever so slightly better


Fair points. Not convinced the penny has dropped with all managers though, especially those trying to make a name for themselves. Although the dual player/overload experience is probably a bit further down the road in Cork than elsewhere.


No there is definitely a few managers out there who will be wreckless. Always will be too. Saw it at AFL, some unbelievable bluffers can make it thru.

One does not expect Head Coaches or Managers to be up to date on everything or in top of all sciences or trends etc. However if they listen to those around them even some of the time they’d be much better off.


Anyone know more about this ‘Purchase Power’ scheme? Fair bit of media spin around it from Croke Park but it seems to be some sort of approved vendor scheme for club & county supply expenditures. Optional for now it seems as well.


Paraic Duffy is stepping down halfway through his second 7 year term. Will be gone by 31 March


Should have resigned after his role in the Garth Brooks concert debacle.

Personally I think Duffy has been absolutely useless in the role and has been a leading driver of the commercialisation of the association. Super 8’s, the change in the hurling championship, the Sky deal, buying the love of the GPA etc.

Bottom line is all that seems to matter now. Elitism has taken hold under his watch. Good riddance.

Peter McKenna the next to be ousted, please.