The Gary Smith Thread

What’s the name of that American sports writer you’re always banging on about…I’ve time on my hands again to start reading…
All other suggestion s welcome, chaps.

Bumped for @Big_Brian_Lohan

Search for Andre Agassi. He put up an article about him by that lad

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Gary Smith, pal


If you want some links let me know

Fire them up, sound.

Frank Hall - American Hero

A story about a high school coach who stopped a school shooting

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Superb profile of golfer David Duval

Damned Yankees - A amazing story


There are three to begin with. I have read 40+ of his longform pieces and have yet to read a bad one

Unreal !

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I hope people are bookmarking this thread.

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Here is todays installment. They actually made quite a heartwarming film starring Cuba Gooding Junior and Ed Harris inspire by this story

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Today’s installment

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but I am giddy at the thought of reading this Gary Smith piece about Buddy Ryan

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I’m not sure I’ve read that Buddy Ryan one, I’ll have a go soon enough.
Gary Smith is so good that pretty much every story he wrote is outstanding, some are more memorable than others though, all the ones posted so far are superb,the ones about Radio and the Indian basketball team are two of my favourites, this is also excellent, a black basketball coach in an Amish community, perfect material for Gary.