The GGA has failed with Hurling and has lied about nationalism


this backs up a lot of what I have said over the years and is coming from a leading GGA scribe

Id like apologies in this thread please

@padjo ?


“A leading GGA scribe” :rofl::rofl: never heard of him.

A bogball manager writes a book about hurling and a journalist nobody has heard of quotes it and you claim this as some kind of validation for your bigoted anti-ethnic views. Must try harder.

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Eh Paul Rouse is the great GAA historian mate.

Has @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy read the book?

What’s that got to do with your ignorance of Rouse?

Unless he’s read the book, he (TSG) is basing his views on the article by the journalist nobody has heard of. It’s a shit article that reaches simpleton conclusions, understandable that he (TSG) finds it compelling.

Again, nothing to do with your initial ignorance of Rouse.

Have you read the book?

Cat got your tongue @padjo?

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Yes. I’d advise you to do likewise and Rouses back catalogue.

Educate thyself

Would you agree with the article’s conclusions that the failure of “weaker” hurling counties, mostly north of the Galway Dublin line, is a failure by the GAA and that the GAA had no significant role in the rise of Irish nationalism and the physical force movement? Not having read the book I can’t say whether the journalist is accurately reflecting what the author wrote or concluded.


Rouse would be one of the most respected voices out there on GGA history and also Irish sports history.

Just to be clear, @padjo and @anon7035031 are saying the journalist is misrepresenting paul rouse?

@padjo hasn’t said anything.

I’m saying you’re using a a shit article by a journalist nobody has heard of to back up your bigoted anti-ethnic views.

Eh. @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy has at least two wives of different ethnicities so he can’t be ‘anti-ethnic’, whatever that is.

It’s gas that now it is societally more acceptable to remember the First World War that the GGA are promoting their involvement.

Brazen and shameless, you have to admire it in a lot of ways.

So, it’s the GAA’s fault that no county north of the Galway Dublin divide has won an AI hurling title?

Not sure why you are defending @padjo

Why is stick hurling not popular outside munster?

Do you think it’s the FAI’s fault?