The goodnight thread


night lads


Signing out lads, big day ahead tomorrow.


An evening that began with a transvestite taxi driver and ended with a tin of snuff. Yeah.


Was up at 6am for my flight to London this morning so I’m off to bed lads. Will have to record the rest of Match of the Day.

Goodnight and God bless.


good night lads, I have started getting up at half four to get an extra half hour in the gym in the mornings, the benefits are enormous


Night, guys, I’m turning in.


That’s it, I can’t take anymore of this…Im off to bed, I’ll get the result, please God, in the morning…


Busy schedule ahead of me so I’m turning in. Cannot wait for @Bandage’s player ratings and general validation of @Nembo_Kid’s pre-match analysis but I’ll have to catch up on it in the morning.


That’s me away to bed, lads. Goodnight, everyone.


Bollixed. Good night lads.


Goodnight, mate.


good night mate


Stay a while longer IM I’m about to start an epic* music thread.

I mean the thread will be epic, not the music.


Goodnight pal sleep well


night lads


good night mate


Night tassotti,only winnershows go to bed at this time on a Saturday night


Goodnight, lads.


goodnight guys

remember guys,one hour before midnight is worth 2 after


Goodnight lads.

Throw a few pound on Preferment; wake up a little bit richer.