The goodnight thread


How much did we win?


Fuck all. Work tomorrow. That’s as unpredictable as they come.


Good night lads


Good night tassotti


Night, pal. Headed for the leaba now myself.


good night my internet mates, sleep well lads, remember tomorrow is another day


Night Johnny.


Please quote this on the “Lessons for life from self-appointed self-help gurus” thread.


Good night Tassotti. I’d say you’ll brew some shite overnight after putting away those two pork chops. There’ll be nothing organic about that!

Hitting the hay myself. Carpe nocturno. Good night lads.


I’m contemplating having another beer here*, I don’t have to be up until 8:30 in the morning.

Should I do it or hit the hay?

*It’s 11:30 here


If you’re contemplating having one, open the fridge and do pal.


I don’t think the barman will appreciate me helping myself but I’ll give it a go


Same here, I said yes to another.


You’re in New Zealand? Hit the pub for the day and drink it in.



No doubt you’ll you finish up with a little one-skinner


Not tonight, pal. Away tonight & left my herb at home. :confused:




Production levels will be off the hook tomorrow which is nice for my employer.


I’m in the fatherland pal, the communist side.


A couple of beers to take the edge off so, understandable