The goodnight thread


You’ll be inside in that classroom tomorrow morning teaching about the birds and the bees and you’ll still be seething about @AppleCrumbled. I can imagine a smart Alec down the back with his hand up and a few swots up the front with genuine questions but you’ll be looking up at the clock demented willing it on to 12.30 so you can log on here during break time in the corner of the staff room to have a pop off him again.




Good post, paints a lovely picture.
But… I’m gonna be nice today despite that cunt @Bandage looking to drag me down.

Oh and good morning @AppleCrumbled, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Good night chaps. First time in a while, I won’t be thinking, if only this and if only that




He had a good day. It all went his way


Night Mick


Just six more sleeps…


Good night lads.


Night chief. 5 more sleeps


Goodnight all


Sleep well


Goodnight chaps,it’s been a fabulous weekend.


Night lads.
That fucking drive from Nenagh to Carlow took it’s toll today


Take her handy Mike


Night lads


Hope you sleep the sleep of the innocent, even if you don’t deserve to


Night boss


Night lads. Sweet dreams.


Good night lads.
The sweetest of dreams tonight.