The goodnight thread


Good night lads. Have work in the morning. But it should be relatively smooth after this weekend.
To those of you on a Christmas night out, enjoy and be safe




Brady is panned out next to me here on the couch.


Goodnight, folks.

I can’t keep up with ye at all, at all.


Goodnight lads. See ye in the morning.


Goodnight @Bandage
Goodnight @briantinnion


All the best, pal.


Goodnight, old friend.



Sweet dreams gentlemen. I find this helps me feel grateful for all life’s gifts, tfk included


Big day tomorrow lads. Early start. Time to hit the hay. Safe passage to all travelling


Where you heading before the game?


Dunno yet. Might stop in Pa McGraths


Offaly will hardly be that much of a threat to KK. And anyway, I thought you lived close to Nowlan Park?


I do but I have to bring the horse to France


Long weekend, a good wan left in the church tonight.

Do the Irish thing yet, but the day is mapped with distractions. A truly cunt of a good day potentially ahead.

Good night to the good guys.


I’ve had a busy weekend, gonna take an early night.
Goodnight @AppleCrumbled, I’m gonna try to be nice to you tomorrow buddy. :+1:


School holidays. You won’t be off here all day


Three more weeks mate,


Absolutely obsessed.