We could be in for a strike this year lads, things ain’t looking good. What would you do if they all went on strike, it would be some embarrassment.
I’d love to clock Dessie one, he’s some idiot in all fairness.

Ger Brennan was very poor on tv as well, why can’t they find articulate guys to talk for them, it seems a major problem for them.

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[quote=“caoimhaoin”]We could be in for a strike this year lads, things ain’t looking good. What would you do if they all went on strike, it would be some embarrassment.
I’d love to clock Dessie one, he’s some idiot in all fairness.

Ger Brennan was very poor on tv as well, why can’t they find articulate guys to talk for them, it seems a major problem for them.[/QUOTE]

What are the grounds for the strike?

[quote=“The Puke”]50 to join

is it worth it[/QUOTE]

A raffle for tickets and texts from Dessie. I’ll pass thanks.

The grants, they say they are monitoring it week by week, and the level of protests will increse accordingly. They are pulling stunts for Munster hurling and Leinster football finals. Its going to happen, because there is no money for them, thats a FACT.

I’d be in favour of a players association but it needs real leadership and a serious charter that doesn’t fuck around about their objectives. Their mission statement as it is could mean just about anything. I’m all for player welfare but I’d fight professionalism to the death.

This is their ‘Official Recognition Plan’ as per the website.

Funding through the GPA to provide a proper career development programme for players including:

  • Expert career guidance for current and past members
  • Employment placement for players out of work or for graduates
  • Mentoring service to give players crucial advice in business and for progression in the workplace.
  • New career/business development programmes.
  • Business start-up grants for players when starting up a new business.
  1. Funding through the GPA to provide practical educational services for players including:
  • Even more scholarships for third-level students.
  • Further education grants for current and past players to go to college by night or on a part-time basis.
  • Development of new skills through retraining programmes for changes of career paths.
  • Coaching Courses for current and past members, obtain qualifications in areas of fitness and conditioning training.
  1. Funding through the GPA to provide practical financial planning advice for players including:
  • Basic one-to-one financial advice
  • Tax consultation and managing endorsement portfolio
  • Pensions and financial planning
  1. Funding for the GPA to provide unrivalled health and well-being services for players including:
  • An enhanced player injury scheme to make sure all injured players receive the best treatment available and immediately. We continue to ask the GAA to improve to this scheme.
  • Assistance with medical costs for past players for injuries incurred during their career (i.e. hip replacements, knee surgery etc).
  • Psychological counselling services for current and past players
  • Addiction treatment and rehabilitation for current and past players
  1. Funding through the GPA to provide for current and past players who fall on hard times:
  • A benevolent/hardship fund to enable the GPA to give direct financial support for current and past players in difficulties
  1. Funding through the GPA to provide legal services for players including:
  • Representation for players in legal cases related to the games
  • Legal advice for players from dedicated legal team
  1. Funding to administer the GPA independently:
  • Secure future of GPA covering costs of running the players’ body
  • Enable GPA to develop the above welfare package
  • Reduce pressure on GPA to self- fund through sponsorship in an increasingly difficult environment
  1. Funding to enable GPA to develop social programmes in the community including:
  • Utilise player profile to create awareness around social issues
  • Provide players for local initiatives
  • Provide players for health promotion
  • Commit to dedicated charities on an annual basis.

Dessie’s interview:

I love this one - “Regular Sponsor Offers”.

I think the GPA is a bit of a joke of an organisation, and essentially its for the upper echelons of inter county players, so I’d prefer if they changed their name accordingly, cos they mean fuck all to the average club player, or indeed the likes of a Westmeath inter county hurler.

HOWEVER, the GAA have handled this exceptionally badly and their feigned surprise and indignation at the threatened withdrawal of GPA players from interviews at the weekend doesn’t cut it. The constant excuse of the Uachtaran not being able to meet because he’s settling into the job is getting a bit long in the tooth as well. Have any of the prospective candidates for GAA President in the last 10 years never heard of or considered the GPA? There seems to be this complete reluctance to talk to them.

Player grants are the main issue, but the GAA could work with the GPA to find a solution. These kind of threats from the GPA are borne out of frustration with the association.

They won’t ever strike though. If the GPA pushed the nuclear button and an all over inter county strike ensued, it would be the end of the GPA. They don’t have (contrary to what they say) enough members, and certainly not enough active members. The GAA will always outlast them. Cork is a classic example, from what I can see (outside of Cork) there is nothing but negativity towards Cork hurlers at present.

4 things need to happen here:

  1. The GPA need to get rid of Dessie Farrell, he’s an idiot who is using the GPA for his own business and personal agendas
  2. The GPA need to realise the money for the grants is severely restricted.
  3. The GAA need to cop themselves on and start talking to find a solution to this festering boil
  4. Martin Cullen needs to get up off his arse and start committing funds.

50 squids? Surprised its not more.

Do the GPA take a percentage of what players earn from these “Regular Sponsor Offers”?

Laois went on strike last Saturday at around 7-15.

It’s not even so much the grants, it’s their demand for 5% of all the GAA’s revenue received from gate receipts and TV rights that’s causing all this. All it has ever been about for the GPA is money, but I think with the weakening economic circumstances around the country and a big return of members to volunteer-ism at club level I could see support for the GPA waining even further amongst the grass roots.

Let them go on strike, every fucking one of them, I’m sick of the cunts.

A lot of inter county players have serious notions above their stations, they will think that it is impossible for the games to go on without them, but they can and will. one area that could be sticky for the GAA is new managers coming through who would formerly have been GPA members and who would most likely support any strike action taken by the players.

I’d like to see them try to hold the GAA to ransom over this. Lets see what support is out there for them.

If they do this, they are over, finished.

[quote=“myboyblue”]I’d like to see them try to hold the GAA to ransom over this. Lets see what support is out there for them.

If they do this, they are over, finished.[/QUOTE]

I get an urge to punch the television everytime that stupid cunt Farrell comes on it.

Realistically, how can the likes of Roscommon, Leitrim, Laois, Westmeath, Derry, Louth, Offaly, Wexford players all go on strike after the abject performances they have put in so far this year? Seriously?!

Yeah my reading of it is that it’s about the 5% of revenue thing and “official recognition” by the GAA.

Two pathetic issues really. There’s no way in the world they’ll get 5% of the GAA’s revenue and there’s no reason they should.

The official recognition thing is shite as well. You can’t just setup an organisation and threaten to call a strike because the GAA don’t see you as an integral part of their organisation.

Agreed on what others have said on Farrell - he’s an idiot and he’s holding back progress for player welfare if anything. The one thing the GAA won’t want to do after the Cork hurlers is to be seen to buckle under the threat of strike action. And what little support the Cork hurlers had outside Cork will dwarf the support the general public will give to people who are striking over something as intangible as official recognition.

Dessie Farrell and Donal Og Cusack, you could hardly ask for worse front men for a players organisation. If it was someone decent like Jimmy Barry Murphy and the Bomber Liston fronting them, the GAA would find it harder to tell them to fuck off.

Farrell isn’t the gpa, it’s important to remember that it’s been supported by men a lot more respectable than him. In one way people need to appreciate that they’re always going to be talking about money because they need money to deliver on their mandate. Players train at a level now that is incomparable to the past and while then volunteer ethos should be protected, you’d have to admit that inter-county players are preparing at a level beyond traditional notions of amateurism. So while you can blow on about elitism if you like, you’d have to be fairly out of touch not to recognise that these lads are already operating on an elite level.

Dessie is the GPA to alot of people, if he left and someone with a less whiny voice was in charge there’d be alot more goodwill towards them. But then I’d say Dessie would be straight down the dole office if he was no longer a full time GPA administrator.