The Great Segunda 17/18


I am shocked you have such a casual disregard for such a serious issue as battering women. In fact I’m nothing short of appalled here


I’m shocked at your disregard to due process in a criminal investigation that resulted in no charges being brought against the player in question.


Zeke hates women, you hate women, that much is clear.
Here’s your due process.


No regard for justice. So sad.


Why would you be shocked at anything about these assorted Wexican cunts.


Disgusting from @croppy_boy


Danny Woodhead gone …again…shite.


Not a bad thing that the domestic abuse supporting cropped boys are off to such a torrid time here


Texans D was a bit of a let down. I just need 30 from CJ and another 20 from Michael Thomas tonight with Brandon McManus to make up the difference and I should edge this :grin:

When is Ray Rice back?


Outstanding victory from Vicks Puppy daycare tonight :muscle:


Fucking Kareem hunt


Rams D :rollseyes:


Never got going this week. Texans D and picking the wrong Tight End cost me big not didn’t take the win from me.

Also I feel I should have congratulated Lazurus on his impending victory last Thursday morning. We’ll grow from this.


Are you surprised that a Wade Phillips Defence was the best in the league?

It was an inspired draft decision by @maroonandwhite


It makes no difference now!


The Baltimore D :clap:


4 of the top 5 scoring franchises this week in the TFK division (loko, clixby, Count and gman). So my self and count start on a losing streak. Well done @Clixby_Bream, nice scoring in last nights Vikings game.


Well done
:open_mouth: 35 points was some return.
DJs injury and 7 game losses out of 10 by my selections did for me anyway.


Welcome to the big leagues.


Kareem hunt… well done @Loko_Cove