The Great Segunda 17/18


Hold end up being a great bargain


I got lucky last night. Dodged a bullet by swapping Dalton for Bradford. Tough on the donkeys though;132 points gets bottom spot in the division. Could be top in a different one.


@Gman is odds on for relegation. He’s had his day.


Jaysus Ringo that’s gotta hurt?


Is there a list of what username owns what franchise?


Was a sore one alright,I lost a fantasy final by something similar 2 years back when the Cardinals D got 40 odd points against the Packers when Rodgers decided to be a tackle bag and got sacked 5-6 times!


@Watchyourtoes. Ringo’s raiders
@maroonandwhite Vick’s puppy
@Crutches gcd giants
@ciarancareyshurlingarmy cambambam

@Loko_Cove lokocove
@Gman useless donkeys
@count_of_monte_crist south east coast
@Clixby_Bream clixby’s roasters

@croppy_boy pitch capped croppys
@Mullach_Ide mullach machine
@Special_Olympiakos pigs in the wing
@Lazarus psycho sexuals

Think that’s right


Go for the shoe shine box there kiiiid. Maybe consider letting the missus take the reins again too.


Ive a Segunda title already under my belt kiiiid! Il go shine that instead.




@count_of_monte_crist and @Gman can ye check your trades? I’m trying to resolve a mInor QB issue this week. Thanks in advance to whoever is first to take the great deal on offer! :crossed_fingers::grimacing:


Are you on drugs?


I’m not in a good place if Bradford is not starting. lt will kill me to put Luck out to grass this early.


I’m not seeing any offer there?


Are you managing the Useless Donkeys? I was going by the list at the top of this thread.


Yeah seeing it there now. I’d consider it, but would need a sweetner in another position. I’ll offer a counter


Luck for David Carr?



I’d take that trade.

Now if he was looking for Derek Carr then I’d question that.


If you’d countered with Smith I’d have taken him. I thought Carr was on your bench when I looked at your depth chart. I have two ropey QB’s and was looking for a trade with someone who could afford to wait for Luck to return. Anyway @Gman has obliged with a good counter-offer.


Blake Bortles is killing me