The Green shit Party - Backtracking to get things done

I’d like to begin by posting up my favourite memory of the Green Party and finishing then with a poem…

The best moment for me was when the Greens spent the most of a year trying to do away with the greyhound industry. They aimed to achieve this by introducing the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill (with greyhounds included) whereby kennels with six bitches or more over the age of four months old would be classed as a “Breeding Establishment” and would therefore be subjected to punitive fees. This is despite the fact that even children are aware that it is impossible to breed off a bitch of four months old. The Greens ignored the fact that the Greyhound industry had its own controlling body, the IGB, which for years had legislation already in place in relation to breeding practices. This was an attack on the grassroots of the the game, designed at driving the small man out of business and crippling the industry long-term.

The Greens focused on little else while in office and propped up the government so that this Bill may be implemented. After months of debating and objection from the newly formed group RISE (Rural Ireland Says Enough), Green Party leader John Gormless was defeated and was forced into a humiliating u-turn whereby he was forced to exclude greyhounds from the Bill.

During this period there was also an incident at Clonmel where Green supporters/activists broke into the hare enclosure at Clonmel and filmed a “dying hare”. They released this video to their friends in the media who were only too happy to distribute the piece and a debate started on the airwaves. Direct accusations of cruelty were made at the coursing fraternity. When this video was further examined by experts it was found that the hare hadn’t died of natural causes at all and was in fact strangled. A piece of wire could be seen around the hares neck and the line extended back to a person beside the camera holder. Yes, the animal loving Greens had gone and murdered the hare to make it look like the greyhound community were responsible for its death. A reward of €20,000 was kindly put up by the Irish Coursing Club for information relating to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who tortured the hare.

And now for my poem or ode if you will…

Goodbye Mr Gormley, Goodbye all you Greens
We washed away your numbers and now we feel clean
Goodbye Mr Gormley, Goodbye all you Greens
Your policies were loopy and now your off the scene

Goodbye Mr Gormley, Goodbye all you Greens
You haven’t saved the planet you haven’t made it clean
Goodbye Mr Gormley, Goodbye all you Greens
You couldn’t fool the people with your Anti smoke screens

So I say farewell Mr Gormley, farewell to all you Greens
You are out the Dáil before you could ban my dish washing machine
So I say farewell Mr Gormley, farewell to all you Greens
The sun is shining bright today without your Anti extremes


Outstanding Dunph. Cheerio to the bicycle clips, the odd looking bulbs and every other bit of shite associated with the tree hugging bastards. My cattle will be relieved with the fact that they won’t be fitted with methane meters.


This is the best thread I’ve ever read on here, every syllable of it is outstanding. On the fateful day every fan of the leash witnessed Derby Pines being awarded the Irish Cup on the withdrawal of SMARK’s Moot Point, we can doubly celebrate the demise of this tiny cabal of ivory tower ensconsed do-gooders whose grasping attitude to power earned them a place in the annals of infamy. Their disgraceful performance in government has been rewarded with their utter routing at the polls. Gormley’s disgusting NIMBYism with regard to Poolbeg, his crocodile tears as he talked out of both sides of his mouth about Tara and his fascist destruction of the deer pursuing industry in the Ward are his legacy for the Irish people.

Now that he is gone I demand FG & Labour reverse the stag hunting legislation and build a nuclear power plant in Poolbeg.

Outstanding Dunph. You have outdone yourself here.

What a thread :clap:


AFR was more than a match for them alright

good bye to the crusty cunts

There’s a couple of posters on here who are on thin ice given the state of my investigations into the callhop scandal. I won’t let personal opinion get in the way but the foot-soldiers seem to be staying away for the moment anyway.

Thinly veiled “I’m seething at this thread” from the Rock there IMHO.

for me its their excellent laws brought in around planning

a huge step forward for this country & a huge 2 fingers up to the bankers & developers who ruined this country

on a personal level the bike to work scheme has been brilliant for me

also found it funny how they took on the absentee landlords & their barbaric “sports”- dont think the landlords thought that the greens would have too much balls for the forelock tugging simpletons in rise

Has anyone got the picture of Trevor Sargent crying back in January?

They meant well, the poor aul divils, but they were just so badly out of there depth.

Fuck You Deputy Stagg, Fuck You

Goodbye Gormley, Sargeant and Cuff,
We’ve had enough of your bluster and guff
Goodbye Gogarty, Ryan and white
You’ve been exposed for your tree hugging shite
The hunting and coursing you tried hard to kill
But you were laughed from the Dail with your dog breeding bill

With bankers and economy you couldn’t get to grips,
You were more interested in tightening your bicycle clips
Instead of dealing with Anglo, you went after the hunt,
You’ll have plenty of time to mind deer now you runt
So goodbye Green Party, good bye forever
Will we see you again? It’s safe to say never.



Did you just come up with that there? I’m seriously impressed if so. I’m amazed how images of dog wanking led you to this point.


The picture of Sargeant crying back in January, this must be the holy grail picture of this thread. A shiny new donkey for whoever posts it.

Outstanding thread Dunph, some brilliant follow up contributions also :clap: :clap: