The hope McIlroy wins thread


He’s turned into Liverpool


Worst round of anyone in contention yet again. You’d have to lay him all day long in the final round now.


Did he let you down again?


I had Wallace backed :man_shrugging:




Solid start for :shamrock:Rory at the TPC


Rory ‘not Ruairí’ Londonderry mcilroy is blinked.


You’re an eternal optimist my friend.


don’t you mean, solid start for :uk: Rory


Spectacular 65 from Ruairí yesterday! Keep it going!! #oneofourown #stpaddysday #proud
:ireland: :shamrock: :crossed_fingers:


Be great to have our Rory win on Paddy’s Day or Patty’s Day as the Yanks call it


An Irishman winning on his nations holiday




He didn’t represent Ireland. He refuses to associate his name with the tri colour.

If you want to hitch your wagon to someone why not go with someone who is actually Irish like Power or Lowry?


He didn’t represent Ireland cos he wasn’t going to go to Brazil and come back with a disease or worse (cc @tank)


You spilled some soup on your top there pal.


You’d get the impression Rory mcilroy would be rooting for shooter mcgavin in happy Gilmore.

Actually he’s very like old shooter. The cunt


I hope McIlroy dies in his sleep


There’s no coming back from his londonderry curtsy.