The hope McIlroy wins thread


Monster eagle putt for Rory to take a share of the lead on -6. Clutch.


He won’t be beaten now.


Can we except an outbreak of seethe sometime soon?


Seeth away, mate. The forum runs on seeth.


It was a great effort from Rory to finish runner up.


Rare somebody plays as poor and finished as second.


In fairness that’s an indicator that he’s still got it.

Didn’t play that great well all weekend. Made a number of mistakes. Wayward of the tee. Some of the usual inconsistencies around putting.

Still finishes second. If he gets his shit together, he could still win a few more majors


Golf majors wins are not easy to come by. The point was made during the week that in tennis Federer/Nadal/Djokovic have now won 50 Grand Slams between them. Seven more players have accounted for the other 11 Grand Slams in the timeframe since Federer won the first of those 50, so that’s just 10 players accounting for all 61 Grand Slams in just over 15 years. 40 different golfers have accounted for the last 61 majors in golf.


As a fellow Manchester United fan I’d advise you to rethink that statement.


This is golf and not soccer.


10 points for observation.


Good start at the Tour Championship for Ireland’s favourite son


Pity @AppleCrumbled wasn’t here, he would have enjoyed what he’d like to call the mcilroy bounce, or something along those lines (coke).


Why isn’t he here?


Might be lurking from incognito, hey apple, did you back Rory.??


Dropped 4 shots in 2 holes :thinking:


I dont know why you torture yourself thusly mate.


This gives me no joy mate. Well maybe a little


“Maybe tomorrow is the day” says he.


Pubehead with another uninspiring final round